Home Design Tips To Make Your Home a Happy Place

It doesn’t matter if you own or rent your home, the fact is that you spend a great deal of time at home. So make sure that you invest enough time and effort to make your home look and feel great. Here are some home design tips to make your home a happier place.

1. Declutter your home

Let’s face it; clutter can accumulate quickly, and it’s not pretty! Clutter adds unnecessary stress and negative energy to your home.

  • Organizing your things well will help you achieve more balance in your life.
  • Start with your wardrobes; throw out clothes that no longer fit or have gone out of style.
  • Give away old books, broken lamps, old bills, torn bedsheets —anything and everything that has outlived its purpose!
  • Move on to the kitchen and give away pots without handles, non-stick pans that have lost the coating, boxes that have missing lids. Let go of clutter—and let in the positivity!

2. Open the windows and let the sunshine in!

Bright cheerful rays of sunlight streaming in through the windows can lift up your mood as nothing else can. Keeping your windows open will let in the fresh air and make your rooms look bright and vibrant. Replace heavy drapes with airy curtains that lighten up your rooms. If the windows are dirty, give them a good rub down to clean the glass and let the sunshine do its work!

3. Fill up your home with potted plants

Having indoor plants in your home can boost your mood and make you feel happy. Not only do they purify the air and remove toxins, but they also add freshness to your décor. Choose plants that do not need much sunlight and can thrive well indoors with minimal care. If you have a balcony close to your kitchen, try installing a vertical garden with herbs and vegetables. There’s nothing quite like cooking with fresh ingredients from your own garden! Home design tips to make your home Happier place

4. Build a memory wall

Home design tips to make your home Happier place

Before digital pictures became the norm, we all used to have photo albums that we would flip through to reminisce about the past. Now that we have countless photos stored in our phones and laptops, we don’t seem to take prints anymore…and we have lost touch with all the memories!

Go through all your digital collections of photos, and pick out some to print in different sizes. Choose a wall that you can decorate with photographs of your family and friends. Lovely memories captured in frames are guaranteed to put a smile on your face when you need it the most! Mix and match the frames, intersperse black and white old prints with pictures that pop with bright colours. Make this space as lively as you can, and bring on the happy!

If you have souvenirs picked up on your travels abroad, give them pride of place in different rooms to remind you of your happy vacations.


5. Create a space where you can de-stress

Home design tips to make your home Happier place

It’s always important to have some alone time and find a quiet space where you can be yourself, so plan your home design ideas to allow for such a space. If meditation is your thing, then create a nook where you can put down your mat and listen to some tinkling bells while you zone out from the world. If you love to read, then a cosy armchair with a reading lamp would be the perfect space for you to curl up with a book. Are you musically inclined? A space for your guitar, music system and speakers would be just what you need! It’s important that you have your own corner where you can refresh your mind, body and soul.


6. Play with happy colours!

Choose colours that appeal to you, and also uplift your mood. You already know that colours can seriously impact your moods -bright reds and cheery yellows will add sunshine to your days. Too many blacks and greys in your home can make your space dark and depressing. While bright colours do enhance your mood, too much of brightness can also be overpowering. Work with a sense of balance, comfort and style.


7. Create a warm space for entertaining

Home design tips to make your home Happier place

Having family and friends over is a great way to make your home a happy place! Design your living room for casual entertaining, with little pockets of seating where people can get together informally and chat. An open plan home design with a free flow of spaces is ideal for entertaining. Guests will walk into your kitchen while you are cooking as well, so keep it neatly organized at all times. Create your own happy times, and let in the laughter and love!


8. Don’t put off any repairs!

A dripping tap that ruins your sleep, a broken water heater or a lamp with a loose connection can all annoy you and throw your evening into discord. Never put off fixing anything that needs to be fixed, as you will end up with a long list of repairs that will never get done. Keep your utilities and gadgets running smoothly, and you will always feel happy to come home from a hectic workday!

9. Sleep well!

A good night’s sleep is essential for a happy and productive life. We spend a third of our lives in bed, so make sure you invest in a good quality mattress that gives you a restful and refreshed night’s rest. Indulge in some fine quality bed linen; it’s really worth the extra price you pay to be able to slip under crisp and cool bedsheets at night.

While on the topic of your bed, get into the habit of making your bed as soon as you wake up in the morning. It will take just two minutes, but you will start your day feeling good. Trust us, no one wants to come back home to an unmade bed after a long and exhausting day!


10. Accessorize with pieces that mean something to you

Home design tips to make your home Happier place

Add small details to your interior— a goofy welcome mat, a multi-coloured rug, a quirky set of his and her mugs that you picked up from the roadside. If it makes you smile, it should find a place in your home.

It’s the little things that can make a big difference. Design your home to suit your lifestyle, keep it clean and free of clutter at all times, and find new ways to bring in positive energy to your home. Take time out to de-stress and fill your home design with things that make you happy -you can’t go wrong!

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