Home Decorating With Plumbing Pipes

Whether you live in a farmhouse, apartment, or the suburbs, adding an industrial décor using plumbing pipes imparts a unique element to the overall house design.

Home renovation is a big thing right now, and the focus is repurposing old items, including plumbing pipes. Recycling old materials, particularly those that exude an industrial feel, is quite popular these days. With these, you can create one-of-a-kind conversation pieces that will make your home truly unique.

In case you’re planning to start a creative project involving plumbing pipes, now is the right time to start. But, of course, don’t neglect your piping system at home. If you suspect a potential problem or maintenance is necessary, you’ll need the services of a professional from a Leesburg plumbing services company, if you live around the area.

Here are some creative ideas involving plumbing pipes that you can incorporate to your next home decorating project:

Light Source 

Creating a lamp out of plumbing pipes is a creative concept that can add an industrial and rustic charm to any room in your house.

If you have several spare pipes around, you can assemble them to create a lamp or unique light source that you can install on the wall or leave to hang from the ceiling. You can also assemble pipes into a candelabra if you love to have candles as a décor in your house. Furthermore, allow your creative juices to flow to develop an attractive table centerpiece or add-on to a console table. 

Storage Shelf

If you want to make the most out of your creativity, you can start a DIY pipe project by assembling pipes into a shelf for your books, art materials, kitchen items, or decorations. The pipes will serve as a supporting structure for the slats of the shelves. 

You can use stained wooden planks for the slats, but you can customize them depending on the theme you want to achieve. Remember that the amount of weight that the shelves can hold depends on the material you will use for the slats. 

Decorative Plant Pots And Vases

You may also repurpose pipes into pots. With a few creative touches, you can transform old pipes into decorative pots for your favorite plants, and which you can place inside your house!

You can transform a small or large pipe into a vase to hold flowers. Add a funky color or decorative elements to make your vase stand out, along with lovely flowers of your choice.

Industrial Chair

Another piece that you can create out of pipes is an industrial chair. You can go for one with a plumbing pipe frame, which goes well with a wooden table. This type of chair will have a sleek appearance, plus it’s easy to clean.  Also, you can color it in a bold shade and make it a conversation piece.

Kitchen Cabinet

A combination of wood and metal pipes can work as an ideal framework for kitchen cabinets. If you prefer an open-style type to your cabinets, wood and metal pipes work best, making the cooking area simple yet streamlined.

Dining Table

Aside from having an industrial chair for your house, you can pair it up with a dining table with metal pipes as the base. A wood tabletop with metal pipes as the base will exude an industrial feel. You also have the option to install wheels at the bottom to allow you to roll it up against the wall when not in use. 


If you plan on adding an elegant light source that will also serve as a centerpiece, you can go for a chandelier made out of metal plumbing pipes. The metal framework includes pipes, together with light bulbs. In between each bulb, crystals in various sizes dangle to add a touch of class to any room. This type of chandelier is a combination of industrial and luxury, which will surely brighten up any space in your house. 

Bookcase And Desk Combination

In case you want a functional addition to your house with an industrial vibe, you can assemble plumbing pipes into a hybrid bookcase and desk. It will surely come in handy for those who work at home and if you have a collection of books to display.


When imparting an industrial element to your house, you will never go wrong with plumbing pipes. Whether you will use the large or small ones, you can quickly develop something that will serve both as a decorative and functional feature in your humble abode. 

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