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Most people are fond of beautifying the home kitchen with so many latest decorative things as it is the part of the house where most of the time is spent, and it faces a huge footfall for the whole day. If you plan to upgrade your kitchen with the high gloss kitchen designs, then a few things must be kept in mind while choosing the design and material. 

You spend enough money on upgrading your kitchen, then it’s your responsibility to maintain it well so that it does not lose its shine and looks. Thus, picking out the perfect kitchen finish is an important decision, so it is easy maintaining your kitchen. In this article, I shall discuss how you can maintain your high gloss expensive kitchen easily.

What are high-gloss kitchen designs?

High gloss kitchen designs are trending these days. It is one of the contemporary styled kitchens that people like these days. It makes the kitchen look much attractive with its glossy finish, giving the surfaces a unique shine. These are ultra-high gloss kitchens with shiny cabinets doors that reflect light, thus making the kitchens look stylish, sleek, and trending.

Benefits of high gloss kitchen designs

These days, people are adopting high gloss kitchen designs due to its stylish and classy looks, which gives a luxurious feel. This is the best option for those who are looking for contemporary kitchen interiors. Given below are the advantages of choosing high gloss kitchen designs over the traditional ones:

Makes kitchen look spacious

High gloss design kitchens are advantageous for small-sized kitchens because the shiny finishing makes the kitchens look bigger and brighter.

Makes kitchens brighter

If you are going for a dark coloured kitchen the light reflection from its surface is an advantage as you do not need to take tension about the shade taking up the light from your room. 

Easy to clean

These kitchens are easy to clean and maintain, so it saves a lot of time in cleaning. You can take a small microfiber cloth for cleaning, and all the dust from the cabinet will get removed instantly, which makes it an excellent option for working couples.

Adds beauty

These high gloss kitchen designs are visually appealing and make your house look beautiful and attractive.

Hi-Gloss Kitchen Durability

These high gloss kitchens designs may sound expensive initially, but these are highly durable and need minimal maintenance.

Disadvantages of High gloss kitchen designs

High gloss kitchen designs are highly advantageous, but it has some disadvantages too that you should consider before opting for this.

  • The dirt, fingerprints, and scratches are easily noticeable on these high glossy surfaces. Therefore, you need to clean them regularly.
  • The dirt and fingerprints are more noticeable on the darker colour of high gloss cabinets. Therefore, you should prefer either the lighter shades for your high gloss kitchen designs or clean the cabinets more regularly.

Tips for high gloss kitchen designs

The disadvantages of the high gloss kitchen designs can outweigh if the designs are chosen smartly.

  • As the light reflections are more on the higher cabinets than the bench-tops. Therefore, you can select the high gloss designs on the upper cabinets and semi-gloss designs for the lower ones.
  • If you want to choose the darker colour for your high gloss kitchen designs, which are more prone to the visibility of fingerprints and dirt, then it is suggested to select the darker shades for the upper cabinet and lighter ones for the lower.

How to maintain high gloss kitchen designs

It is not so difficult to maintain the shine and lustre of high gloss kitchen designs. Its maintenance is based on three factors, following which you can win the cleaning battle of your kitchen.

Easy Cleaning

You do not need to worry much about the cleaning of high gloss kitchen designs. These can be easily cleaned by using plain water and a piece of cloth. Lukewarm water should be preferred if possible. No special cleaning agents or detergents are required as they may damage the glossy finish of your cabinets.

Cleaning solution

The best way to clean your high gloss cabinet is to dip the microfiber cloth into the lukewarm water making it lightly damp and rub it on the kitchen cabinets.

Right cleaning technique

Use the S-Motion gently to clean the surface. Also, it is suggested to clean the surfaces immediately without letting them get dry.

List of popular design options

Below are some of the popular design options that you can steal for your high gloss kitchen designs:

  • Double duty cabinets: Hide your dishwasher behind this beautiful hardware-free cabinet.
  • Pastel cabinets: These are light and fresh but still add some characters than the neutral colours.
  • Fancy hardware cabinets: It gives sexy and smoky vibes to your kitchen interiors.
  • Lower cabinets: Use this design without upper cabinets and get rid of the visual clutter on the walls.
  • Gloss floating cabinets: With this glossy design, choose tiles for your kitchen floors and pop the floating cabinets’ glossy finish.
  • Metallic Cabinets: Select the brushed gold finishing for cabinets and make them look down to earth.
  • Locked cabinets: Add a lock to your cabinet doors and safeguard your dishes from falling.

By using these tips and cleaning techniques, you can keep your high gloss kitchen designs durable and make them always look new. It is quite easy to keep its shine as new; you only should have good knowledge and the right tools for this. There are a lot of beautiful glossy finish kitchen designs at HomeLane. They offer a wide range of designs for your high gloss modular kitchens. Check a few of the best designs in the list below.

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