Get Inspired by these Study Room Ideas

A study room is a place for quiet contemplation, work or study. It’s a room where you or your kids will not be disturbed. It should be a comfortable and productive space. It should also spark inspiration and stimulate creativity. Ready to get started on designing the perfect study room for your home? Here’s how to go about it.

What Are the Elements You Need to Keep in Mind When Designing Study Room?

  • Location: Pick a room that is secluded and quiet; ideally someplace where you can get the sun’s rays in the morning or evening. The sun slanting across your desk can look lovely.
  • Furniture: You need a well-designed desk and chair—plan for plenty of storage overhead or along at least one sidewall. If the study room is for your children, scale down the size to suit their comfort.
  • Lighting: You will require soft ambient lighting, and a task light next to the desk, like a reading lamp with a throw that can be adjusted. It’s also good to have plenty of natural light in this room. An ergonomically designed chair is a must if you expect to be spending a lot of time at your desk. If space permits, do add a lounge chair where you can put up your feet and relax.
  • Functionality: Plan the functional areas well. Your storage drawers should have organisers for files and stationery. Have plenty of shelves for books and other resources. Don’t forget the waste bin and have potted plants around to keep the air fresh. If possible, install a music system and a television screen if this is going to double up as a den. Make sure there are enough electrical points for all your chargers (laptop, mobile etc.), printer, study lamp, wifi modem and anything else you require at your desk. If the electrical points are below desk level, get a wire manager for easier access.
  • Colours: Neutral colours work well for a study room. If this room is going to be used by your kids, shades of green and lemon yellow are calming and are conducive to mental alertness.


  • Vastu considerations: If you believe in Vastu, the ideal location for a study is in the west or northeast of the house. When sitting at the desk, you should face east or north. Also, ideally, the south wall should not have any windows.

Lovely Study Room Design Ideas

Neat as a Pin

Everything is in its place in this crisp white study, with ample storage racks alongside the simple white desk. There’s plenty of lighting from the windows as well as artificial drop lights and a reading lamp. The utilitarian wooden chair is as simple as the rest of the design.

study room interior design

Bright Pops of Colour

This spacious study uses a carefully orchestrated colour palette against a neutral backdrop, with bright pops of colour providing visual relief. A bookshelf along an entire wall offers plenty of storage. The bean bags are perfect for relaxing when you’re taking a break from work.

Study room designs

Study Room With Plants

We do love an overdose of greenery, and this cosy study is spilling over with plants everywhere; on the desk, in a drawer and on shelves. What a lovely sanctuary in which to get work or some serious studying done.

study table with plants

Abstract Themed Study Room

The storage units on the wall are designed in an abstract composition. The inside of each unit has a bold solid colour at the back for added interest. The study chair is ergonomically designed, with excellent back support, for those intense periods of work.

abstract study room designs

Creativity takes Centre Stage

A large blackboard wall allows playful creativity in this tiny tot’s homework spot. Perfect for childish scribbles as well as mama’s tutoring.

study room with blackboard wall

Dedicated Home Office

This dedicated home office is designed for maximum functionality with a desk running the entire length of one wall. You could step out on to the balcony for well-deserved breathers.

Home Office study room ideas

Twinning it

This homework spot for two uses a dynamic dual colour scheme, with lime green and sunny yellow against a backdrop of white. Both the children can share the storage down the middle, which also serves as a space divider.

Study room designs for kids

Pretty as a Picture

Powder blue and white always make a pretty picture, and this study room for a little child features thoughtful planning with care given to aesthetics. There is plenty of storage for books, toys and stationery —and you can be sure that this is one child who will love to spend time in their study.

Study table

Modern Office Study Room

Have a tiny spare room and not sure what to do with it? Be inspired by this small room that’s converted into a modern study. It features an end-to-end desk and neatly designed drawers below. Overhead shelves and a long lift-up cabinet provide additional storage on the wall above the desk.

modern office study

Work or study time in these lovely, well-organised and clutter free study rooms would be a pleasure rather than a pain. As we always advocate, before you start organising any space in your home, the first thing you should do is to de-clutter. For customised designs to suit your home, connect with any of our HomeLane design teams.

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