Fresh Ways To Incorporate Mirrors In The Living Room

A mirror brings a good blend of form and function. While it looks good in a room, it also makes small spaces feel bigger and dark rooms seem lighter.

Mirrors are quite versatile as a décor accent fitting into any style of decorating – be it modern, vintage, shabby chic, or ethnic Indian. Pick simple or elaborate ones, large or small ones, and let your creativity flow in arranging them tastefully in your home. You can also use them to hide any imperfections on the wall.

Let’s look at some tips and fresh ideas to incorporate mirrors in your living room.

Where Should A Mirror Be Placed in A Living Room?

Check what the mirror reflects – make sure it isn’t random or unsightly things. Let it reflect something of beauty or something that brings joy to your home.

Place it near a chandelier to reflect its light. If the view outside is beautiful, place the mirror opposite to it so that the view gets reflected. Or place your favourite artwork opposite the mirror. That way your mirror becomes a focal point in the room opening up the room.

If you are a believer, place it according to good feng shui or Vastu principles.

What Kind of Mirror Should You Hang?

Not all mirrors are meant to be hanged. Some huge ones clearly mention that they are only to be leaned. They may break if hanged. So, if you have no kids or pets running around the home, then go ahead and lean them against your wall. Decorate the space with a tall sculpture or two and a tall plant.

Types of Mirror Frames

Pick from a range of mirror frames available today, or custom-make one according to your tastes.

types of mirror frames

A few of the popular styles of  mirrors in the living room are:

  • Antique frames: They are made to look aged through special tints and a distressed look. They add a vintage vibe to your room.
  • Baroque mirror frames: These are typically ornate and adds some drama to enliven a room. They usually feature patterns like flowers.
  • Wrought iron mirror frames: These are easier on the wallet, easy to maintain, and look classy in a room.
  • Starburst mirror frames: Quite a popular option, these frames look like a sunburst and naturally add a shot of energy to the room.
  • Circular mirror frames: These look best with artwork and plants around it, like a small gallery on the wall.

The thumb rule is to choose a frame that fits into the rest of your décor.

Hang a nail for each hook on the back of the mirror and mount it with the support it requires. Avoid tying a string and hanging on one nail.

What are Some of the Fresh Ways to Hang a Mirror?

1. A Group of Mirrors

living room mirrors

Create an interesting pattern with a group of mirrors instead of using artwork. Frame each of them with different types of frame – wooden or metal for a more eclectic look.

2. Part of a Gallery Wall

If you have a gallery wall of paintings or photographs, swap a few of them for mirrors. Use different shapes and sizes of mirrors to up the coolness quotient.

3. Single Mirrorliving room mirrors

Use large mirrors in small rooms to make it seem bigger and to add depth. Go as large as you want on the wall. Pick a sleek frame or an ornate one to make a statement.

Hang one horizontal mirror along the length of your sofa or one in between two windows. Or hang a mirror behind a shelf or console, place your favourite ceramics, book or any souvenirs and a plant in a chic pot to create a unique vignette.

Remember not to use mirrors wider than the furniture you have in front of it. If it is narrower, place it in the centre of the furniture width.

4. Mirror in The Entrywaymirror in living room

A mirror in the entryway reflects light and brings in more light to usually dark entryways. With an elegant frame, it also adds a sophisticated touch as you enter. If you wish to follow Vastu or Fengshui principles, don’t place the mirror right opposite the entry door.

Place a mirror horizontally along the entryway will widen the space and create a flow from the entrance to your living room.

 Mirror, mirror on the wall indeed!

Put a spotlight on top of your mirror, or an elegant floor lamp next to it to create a warm glow around it. Pick your mirrors carefully, and you have an attractive accent piece that will set the tone for the room.

HomeLane can help you choose the right set of mirrors for your living room, or customize one to suit your taste and decorating style. Connect with us today to know more.

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