False Ceiling Designs for Kids Room

Making space in your homes to accommodate a tiny new member of the family is usually the most enjoyable time for new parents. And, re-decorating children’s rooms innovatively is a creative activity that bonds a family. 

A false ceiling hanging below the original ceiling of a room is often referred to as the fifth wall. It is one of the essential elements of a good home interior design. There are many aspects to account for while visualising false ceilings designs for kids’ rooms, especially as they can be mighty influential in setting the right mood. Creative themes, lights and designs add warmth and ambience to the children’s room.

Make a Bold Move. Design a False Ceiling.

There are different kinds of ceilings that make for quirky design. False ceiling colours for kids’ rooms enhance the eclectic charm and complement a theme of your choice as well. Whether your child fancies a fairy tale, loves colours, or is a fan of cars, a suitable false ceiling can be created. While giving an effect of a painting or a 3D image, the kids’ room false ceiling child-proofs the room keeping it wire-free and away from potentially dangerous decor items. The element also connects with the space through design. Some of them are:

Single Tier False Ceiling

This type of ceiling has a single layer and is a timeless trick to distract attention from the small spaces or those that lack décor. And, when homeowners add colours, shapes and lighting options, it gathers eyeballs instantly. Incorporating interesting ‘Glow-in-the-dark’ patterns, images, or stickers, add an interesting edge to the room, which is sure to engage a child’s curiosity and fuel his imagination. 

Multiple Tiers False Ceiling

If lighting is the highlight of your ceiling concept, then layers are a great medium to experiment with. For instance, if the night sky is your kid’s room’s false ceiling theme, then a multi-layered ceiling carved out in the corners and centre of the ceiling makes space seem wider while creating drama and adding splendour to the décor.

This kind of ceiling is excellent to stow away the wires and insulate the room, making it safe for your kid. Also, you can go all out and get creative to experiment with lights and colours with this kind of a ceiling.

False Ceiling Designs for Kids Room

Coffered Ceiling

Coffered panels are fixed into a ceiling in this kind of design. You can create designs of multiple dimensions in one room. Paper Mache and Origami crafts can be strung to hang from the ceiling, which adds drama and a lively texture to the room. While this type of ceiling creates the illusion of light, paper mache lights and the likes can add character to space.

False Ceiling Designs for Kids Room

Plus-Minus False Ceiling

When the ceiling is wide, elements of a design bulging out of a regular ceiling is called the plus-minus ceiling. POP used to make the design can contrast and highlight a design adding décor to the ceiling space. 

For instance, if the solar system was the ceiling design concept, plus-minus false ceilings with POP making the planets and stars bulge out from the regular ceilings would enhance the design by highlighting it, and the colours would produce a contrasting appeal to the whole look of the room. These kinds of ceilings are great for dreamy and fantasy-like ceiling themes.

False Ceiling Designs for Kids Room

Artsy Ceiling

Whatever is the theme, the 14th-century Japanese concept of adding a false ceiling made with various elements like wood, glass, fabric and fibre improves the acoustics of the room. Also, the kids’ room false ceiling adds an aesthetic touch. The innovatively created a false ceiling may become a source of inspiration for your little ones. 

False Ceiling Designs for Kids Room

Cutesy Ceiling

The false ceilings made by installing Gypsum panels can work out as a cost-effective measure providing a seamless and smooth finish. They are easy to install, maintain and are durable. For false ceiling lights for kids’ rooms, you can pair Gypsum ceilings with neon lights to add a theatrical effect.

False Ceiling Designs for Kids Room

Wooden Ceiling

If budget is not an issue, kids’ room false ceiling made of wood provides a touch of warmth and comfort. It also enhances the acoustics of the room to a great extent. The natural grain and textures are timeless at large. It is also one of the best insulating ceiling options available.

False Ceiling Designs for Kids Room

Prepping Theme Ceiling

With kids room themes being anywhere from a fantasy world, Disney-based or space-bound and more, POP is an excellent material to use for a false ceiling. POP is easy to shape and source. It is great to experiment with false ceiling lights for kids’ rooms. They’re long-lasting and are well-insulated even when the weather conditions vary.

Princess Theme Ceiling

If Bohemian is the theme, experiment with false ceiling colours for kids’ rooms with a touch of fabric, adding a dreamy feel to the room. A false ceiling draped in multi-coloured fabric coupled with a lighting fixture can emanate an engaging and thrilling aura. While it can be exhilarating, girls like their rooms to have a cosy feel to it. The drapes ultimately add that charm to daddy’s little princess’ room.

False Ceiling Designs for Kids Room

Wallpaper Ceiling

To create a stunning false ceiling with a cost-effective budget, quirky wallpaper is a great option. It would decorate the ceiling above your child’s head creatively and create a stylish appeal to the room.

False Ceiling Designs for Kids Room

Paints and Coloured False Ceiling

While hand-painted ceilings are a fun project to work on, utilising the false ceiling as a canvas inspires creativity. Paints and colours in the false ceilings designs for kids’ rooms is an artistic way of adding charm to the décor. Murals and watercolours tell a story while ushering a breezy vibe through the false ceiling. Bright, pastel and pleasant colours can uplift your children’s mood as well. 

A theme may be whimsical; have a dreamy look with dimmable lights and floating ceilings. An eye-catching bedroom ceiling can make for a compelling visual statement even for a child at a very early age.

False ceilings designs for kids’ rooms are features that improve acoustics, insulate walls, cover wires and pipes, and bring lofty ceilings lower, making it a cosy space. While fireproof and moisture resistant designs are available, they can also be designed around air condition AC ducts and lower electricity consumption. However, it is an expert, like Homelane, who can fit apt false ceilings to create that holistic ambience in a place that you call home.

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