Everything you need to know about Textured Paint vs Wallpaper

Planning to scale up your home interior a notch? Try a coat of texture paint or wallpapers. Home interior by HomeLane offers a great variety, depending on your budget, preference and time restraints.

Have you ever wondered about the range of things that are put together to make a brick and mortar house come alive? If not, just give a few seconds now. Flooring material paints for the walls, countertops for the kitchens and washrooms, furniture, accessories, textiles, and other home interior items; the list is endless. A home is a dream come true for many, and compromising with the decoration for your abode will be unfair.

Today, there are multiple options to choose from for your walls, floors and every other minute detail. Here is how you can beautify your house further.

Walls are the Major Building Blocks

The walls do not occupy much volume, but they are the most visible portion throughout. The designs and colours on walls have the potential to change the complete look and feel of your home in a single go. Gone are the days when you had just a variety of colour options for your wall. With home interior companies like HomeLane, you have a variety of paints, textures and finishes to give an edge to your walls.

Texture Paint and Its Characteristics

Just like the name suggests, they have a tangible texture that makes a  wall pop up? This paint is quite different from all other varieties available, as it gives a different tactile feel to the walls making it more attractive. This paint is mostly used to highlight certain areas and not the entire walls. There are a lot of different techniques that are used by professionals to create such finishes. Some of the techniques used are combing, sponging, stippling and ragging.

Mostly,  texture paints are water-based paint, and all companies manufacturing these paints claim that there are zero volatile organic compounds present in the product. This paint has medium to high washability and can be used to impart visual effects.

Texture Paint Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages Disadvantages
It gives a new and refreshing look by highlighting the focus walls in your house. Textured paints are quite expensive and can disturb the budget of renovation or new decoration.
As it is done by professionals, the output is quite visually appealing. This paint is not easy to handle and requires skilled professionals to paint the walls.
If you are planning to invest for the long term, texture paints are the best option as they do not come off easily. Once applied, the paint is quite difficult to remove when you plan for a change in your home interiors.

 What is Wallpaper and its Characteristics

Wallpapers have been around since the 18th century. They were used as a replacement to expensive tapestries to cover the walls and make them look beautiful. Wallpapers are sold in rolls and can be cut and pasted according to the dimensions of your walls. It is not a new trend but an option that is being considered by many while planning their interiors. With technology evolving at a pace, there are wallpapers today that can incorporate LED lights, block the wifi waves, etc.

There are several types of wallpapers. Some of them are printed, liner, vinyl, foil, flock, bamboo, mylar, etc. You can go for the one that matches your sense of style and your existing interiors.

Texture WallPapers Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages Disadvantages
It is quite affordable if compared with the cost of texture paint. It cannot be applied on concrete as well as walls that are already textured.
There is a huge variety of designs, colours, patterns and even surface finishes available in wallpapers. Some of the traditional wallpapers are a bit difficult to remove and maintain.
The installation is not that difficult. The ways include paste the wall, paste the paper, peel and stick. You can experience a difference in the colour of the wallpaper, unlike paint. This can be due to excessive sunlight.
Some wallpaper types can be washed and reused too. Seepage in the walls can easily damage the wallpaper.
If you have certain small defects in your wall, wallpapers will hide them and make your wall look new. They are not as long-lasting as the texture paints and need a more frequent renewal.
You can use wallpapers to add personalized designs to different walls, as it can be easily removed. Matching the patterns and pasting needs accuracy as it can affect the complete look if gone wrong.

 A Comparison Between the texture wallpapers and paint

There is no direct comparison between wallpapers and texture paints as they serve different purposes for your home interior. The buyer needs to understand their needs and budget before revamping or giving a brand new look to the walls. If you want to invest a higher budget for a longer duration, then you can go for texture paints. It will accentuate the walls that you want attention on, and will also last long. But, if you are someone who loves to change the interiors quite often and cannot stand the same pattern for long, you must choose wallpapers for your walls.

We do not get the opportunity to change the interiors of our homes every day. So, be wise while making your choices as they will last a longer period. Pick a paint that suits your budget and the aesthetics of your house. You can visit HomeLane today to discover more tips and tricks on how to beautify the place where you live.

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