Enhance Space and Light with Mirrored Wardrobes

Mirrored wardrobes are a high value-add for your bedroom decor. They are not only the last word in sleek, stylish elegance, but they also offer practical functionality. Here’s how you can play around with this design staple in your home.

What are the Advantages of Mirrored Wardrobes?

There are a lot of advantages to opting for mirrored shutters on your wardrobe.

  • Stunning aesthetics – There’s no doubt about it, mirrored shutters look great.
  • Suits many décor themes – Plain mirrored surfaces go well with contemporary or minimalistic themes, while shutters that combine wood and mirrors are more warm and classic.
  • Enhances the feeling of space – Mirrors that are strategically placed make a room appear visually larger, doubling the sense of space.
  • Reflects light – Mirrors reflect the available light, making the room appear well lit.
  • Can be used as a dresser – Having a mirror right next to where you store clothes helps to check out your appearance in selected outfits and accessories.

What are the disadvantages of Mirror Wardrobe?

Primarily, mirrored wardrobes do require a lot of care to prevent breakages, and need to be maintained well.

  • Care against breakage – Ever heard the saying that a broken mirror brings seven years of bad luck? While that’s just a superstition, mirrors are very breakable, and any sharp bump can cause the surface to crack, requiring replacement of the entire shutter.
  • Maintenance – Mirrored surfaces tend to show up dust and fingerprints very easily. Your shutters will require frequent cleaning to keep them looking good.

Mirror Wardrobe Design Ideas

Check out our collection of ideas on mirrored wardrobe, to give you design inspiration for your bedroom decor:

1. Sliding Shutter Mirror Wardrobe

These sliding shutters combine the warmth of wood with mirrored panel inserts. Get the best of both finishes. Note how the outer shutters have horizontal etching on the mirrored surface.

2. Mirrored Wardrobe With Aluminium Frame

The mirrored shutters in this wardrobe comprise of large horizontal rectangles with sleek aluminium frames. The headboard of the bed also follows the rectangular theme, tying the entire aesthetics of the room together.

3. Two Door Mirrored Wardrobe

This two-door wardrobe has one shutter that is mirrored and the other one in wood, allowing for an entirely different look. For a three-door unit, you can try using one mirror, and two wood finished shutters.

4. Parallel Mirrored Wardrobe

A walk-through wardrobe space can have mirrored shutters on both sides. The parallel reflecting surfaces make it possible to get a 360-degree view of your outfit, so you can always make sure you look perfect before stepping out.

5. Sleek white acrylic panels Mirror wardrobe

Here’s a lovely way to use a mirror on your wardrobe shutters. Tall mirrored panels are sandwiched between sleek white acrylic panels in the shutters. The mirrored surfaces are frameless, enhancing the verticality of the design.

6. Mirror Shutter Walk-in Wardrobe

This gorgeous walk-in wardrobe exudes understated luxury. The wardrobes enclosed by mirrored shutters reflect the open shelves that are right across. The mirrors here visually enhance the space and make it appear bigger and brighter.

7. Wardrobe with Dressing Table

Part of this wardrobe is converted to a built-in dresser unit, with a large mirror and drawers below to hold accessories. Lighting is built into the ceiling as well as below the drawers.

Vastu Tips For Mirrors

The ancient science of Vastu has quite a lot to say about the effect that mirrors can have in your home. Mirrors are said to reflect and throw energy in different directions, and it is important that one places them in the right direction to lend positive energy in your home. Here are some Vastu tips for mirrors that you can follow if you are so inclined:

  • A mirror that is placed opposite a jewellery locker will double your wealth.
  • Mirrors can be placed in the North or East walls of the room for positive energy.
  • Avoid fixing mirrors in the South-East as that will increase anger and result in quarrels.
  • A mirror in the South brings in negative energy.
  • Mirrors should not be positioned to reflect sunlight or the main door.
  • Looking at yourself in a large mirror early in the morning is considered auspicious. However, the mirror should ideally not face the bed.
  • Mirrors should not be placed parallel to each other, as this encourages restlessness and impatience.
  • Square or rectangular mirrors are considered good, while circular shapes are to be avoided.
  • Broken mirrors should be discarded at once.
  • Mirrors should never be fixed on the ceiling above the bed.
  • Remember that glass panes also act as reflective surfaces, so if your windows are not covered by curtains, these same Vastu mandates will apply.

It is said that if you believe in Vastu and follow these simple rules, you will be rewarded with good health, wealth and happiness.

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Your wardrobe must combine functionality with aesthetics, and mirrored shutters make a great case for both! Consult with your HomeLane designer who can help you with design customisation to complement your décor and meet all your storage needs.

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