DIY Interior Design Ideas for Home Quarantine

The COVID-19 pandemic might have kept us socially distanced and home-bound for several weeks. But, did you know that cleaning and rearranging your home could be a coping mechanism? You can use this opportunity to transform your home with some cool DIY interior design projects!

Take a look at all corners of your home, and you’ll find plenty of ideas – you could paint a table, hand-build a new wooden ledge, or convert an old fabric into a framed piece of art. Sometimes just making small changes in your home can inject more energy into your space.

Here are plenty of DIY interior projects to tackle while you’re locked down or home quarantined:

Rearrange Your Furniture

Switch pieces of furniture that have remained in the same corners for too long – this can give your spaces a new lease of life instantly. Move your sofa to a different direction in the living room. Group a few armchairs together to create a cosy conversation zone, instead of scattering them around the house. Think of all the ways your lifestyle has changed during your quarantine days – and re-arrange your furniture accordingly. For instance, you may need to move your guestroom furniture to create a home office or a workout area.

Rearrange a Book Shelf

Transform your bookshelf into a stylish arrangement of books, artwork and collectables. Start by emptying the bookshelf, and sorting out everything you want in it. Arrange the books first – mix it up with a few stacks vertically, and a few horizontally. Then layer in accents like paintings or photos, potted plants, small baskets, or any other collectables.

Paint Your Walls or Furniture

Repaint your walls with any leftover paint you may have. If you want it to be more adventurous, paint a wall mural in your entryway. Give your dining room console, or a bedside table, or a bookshelf a new look by painting them. Hunt for any leftover paint, give it a distressed look and add a few decoupaged elements on them.

Paint furniture

Change Your Wall Decor

Assess the wall décor in your rooms. Can you switch the artworks from a gallery wall in your living room, and mount them in your bedroom and dining room instead? Or why not dig out some of the old black and white photos and mount them in spare photo frames you may have? You could even DIY photo frames with wooden slats, rustic twigs, or wooden planks. Add an element of interest by mounting quirky pieces like your favourite guitar, vintage mirrors, or a few chic hats, or masks.

DIY Wall decor interior design ideas

Deep Clean, Declutter and Organize

Now’s the time to deep clean all the corners, and declutter your home. If you’d been eyeing any dirty corners, lampshades, curtains, rusted appliances, dusty carpets, or dirty outdoor furniture, now’s the time to clean them up.

And, simply donate what you don’t use to the needy. Make your home feel less overwhelmed with lesser plastic bottles, old cartons, newspapers, medicine bottles, and so on! Re-organize all your wardrobes and closed shelves. Your kitchen shelves would also love a re-arrangement with labelled containers, spices sorted out, and so on.

deepclean cloths

Create a DIY Home Office

DIY a home office setup for the days you have to work from home. If you already have one, rethink what else you could bring in to make your workdays more productive. For instance, you could move your work setup to a corner of your home that gets a lot of natural light and air. Arrange a storage shelf and rest area in your workspace. Hang artwork and photos to make it personable and warm.

DIY Home Office

Create a Garden or Spend More Time in Yours

If you don’t have a garden, start a veggie patch by growing microgreens and other vegetables. If you already have a garden, show your plants some extra TLC! Repot any that needs a shake-up, and add some fertilizer, wipe dirty leaves, prune branches, or trim leaves of the others. For those that need sunlight, switch positions to give each of them their share. Paint your pots if you’ve got some paint left. Spend some time in your garden every day – whether it’s a small balcony garden or a big courtyard.

DIY Home Garden interiors

Convert Fabric into Useful Furnishings

Convert an old saree into a curtain, a curtain into a set of cushion covers, cushion covers into shopping bags, and so on. If you have some fabric paint, decorate your plain cushions with them.

Make use of the quiet downtime to refresh your home completely using just things that you already have. If you need any help in re-doing your home interiors, reach out to the HomeLane team for a discussion.

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