Decor 101 : Traditional Home Decor

Indian traditional home décor projects our beautiful composite culture, which is an amalgamation of different elements. In a country so diverse, you’ll have a unique décor state in every state. The best part is that traditional influences add richness to the homes, enhancing the overall beauty of the space while keeping close to their roots. Listed below are the most exquisite traditional décor styles that are worth considering in every aspect.

Add Carved Stone and Wood Elements for a Rustic Feel

Stone or wood carved artefacts are perfect for adding value to a house. Smaller pieces are ideal for decorating shelves or walls of small homes/apartments, while big-sized pieces give a flawless rustic look to bigger homes. For example – a beautiful handcrafted wooden partition could be a smart way to divide the living area from the dining room from. Alternatively, an antique wooden door installed at the entrance could create a striking contrast to the traditional home décor.

Also, you may opt for a uniquely carved stone door or pillar to enhance the modernity level of the décor. There are endless possibilities to include stone/wood elements to the décor. Just don’t limit your creativity. Be it a bungalow/farmhouse, traditional home décor elements crafted out of wood/stone can serve as a supporting factor. You may even include them in the veranda or patio.

Decorate the Rooms with Traditional Artifacts

Ideal for creating beautiful interiors with traditional home décor, Indian art forms like Pattachitra, Madhubani, Gond, Kalamkari, and Warli give a major makeover to a modern house while adding a bold splash of colour to the room.

The vibrance of conventional Indian art projects unparalleled exquisiteness, making it an excellent option for adorning the walls of the bedroom or living room. One must make sure not to add a cluster of too many paintings. Sometimes less is more, so don’t overdo with the art. Even a single painting is sufficient for enhancing the main section of the area.

Besides traditional painting, the next best option is to hang a dhurrie or an old carpet featuring traditional motifs for decorating the room. Go for inlays if you want to add an evergreen feature to outdoor spaces such as patios and terraces.

Think of carvings for the cabinets. They are perfect for enhancing the charm of the space without compromising on the aesthetics of traditional home décor. Embellished and brightly painted walls with inlay work using stones, metal, mirrors, or ivory, is a just choice for lightening the mood of the area.

Infuse the Essence of Traditional with Handcrafted Furniture

Traditional home décor is incomplete without Indian style wood furniture. Heirloom furniture pieces are a good option for elevating the room’s functionality. It is something worth treasuring. Antique furniture is a good investment option and a creative solution for including a traditional touch to your home. The best part is that wooden furniture pieces come in a wide range of selections. So you can successfully create a blend of traditional and modern elements. For example – you may install a four-poster bed in your children’s bedroom, for the veranda/living room get an intricately crafted planter’s chair. Similarly, a carved sideboard/ bar cabinet in the dining room will be perfect for enhancing the look of the array.

Solid wood furniture is one of the most crucial elements of an Indian style interior design. It gives an authentic look to space while highlighting the best of Indian craftsmanship. Traditional designs such as curved legs and armrests; inlay and carvings work in ivory or metal will add an ornate value to space. Alternatively, you can choose birdcages, wooden chests, jharokhas, or footstools to decorate the area.

Create a Versatile, Informal Space Where You can Enjoy Relaxed Family Time

Traditional home décor in India allows for relaxed interactions with family. You can decorate that special area using footstools, high chairs, divans, sofas, or any other seating arrangement. Plus, floor cushions and rugs will add comfort and warmth to the décor. You may also consider some traditional ideas like the jhoola or swing. It will bring a lovely, playful vibe, especially for the children. Next best option is to add a Kashmiri carpet for an ultra-modern look.

Use Traditional Folk Art Varieties to Fill-Up Space

Consider adding some local flavours to your house’s décor. For example, the Warli paintings are the folk art style of Maharashtra while Bihar is popular for its Madhubani paintings. There are countless options for traditional art forms. Also, putting up desi motifs to your interiors means you’ll support the regional artists.

You can easily find a huge range of traditional home décor accessories both in stores and online. With so many options to choose from, it can be daunting to find the right set of accessories for your house. Define your choice based on the room’s space, theme, and purpose.

Look for an accessory that enhances the look of the area, and rather not a distracting element. Accessories such as wooden boxes, statues, and brass lamps are best for sideboards, cabinet tops, or shelves. Ethnic accessories come in all shapes, sizes, and designs, making it easier for people to find ones suiting their preference and budget.


Arranging a traditional home décor is easy if you can find ethnic furniture and accessories for your house. A noteworthy point is that not every room may be suitable for accessories such as in spaces with regional wall art that may be suitable for a specific room or area. It is best to reach professional home design consultants like HomeLane who offer personalized solutions according to the unique needs and preferences of the clients.

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