Contemporary Wardrobe Designs to Watch Out For

Over the years, we have helped several customers in designing their dream home. This has helped us get a sense of how the home design market is evolving year by year. Today’s youth prefers minimalistic homes which are cosy and most importantly, have plenty of storage space. The convenience of day to day living paired with abstract modern age design is the need of the hour.

Furniture plays an important role in serving the purpose of space-saving and storage increase. Young couples in bustling cities like Mumbai and Bangalore are opting for furniture that is movable, easy, small-sized and provides maximum storage facilities (like folding beds). We identify these homeowners as the smart and ideal new generation couples who choose convenience as their top priority.

Wardrobes to the Rescue

The most significant storage furniture is the wardrobe! Wardrobes acquire maximum space in a bedroom, and therefore homeowners expect wardrobes to be their key storage product. In today’s time, contemporary wardrobe designs accommodate not only clothing and accessories but also have some space for storing additional stuff like luggage bags, photo albums, work folders, etc. The beauty of contemporary wardrobe designs lies in providing maximum storage and compact looks, breaking through the traditional bulky look of a wardrobe. 

Here are the latest contemporary wardrobe designs for the ideal homes of today!

The Organizational Closet

The all-in-one wardrobe which holds all your prized possessions in style. There is no need to jumble through the wardrobe to find your old jeans or your black shoes. This wardrobe is designed such, to ensure all your belongings are kept intact and at the same time are visible. It is divided into compartments of all sizes to fit in everything from different types of clothing, shoes, bedsheets, trunk boxes, etc. The open wardrobe style gives the feels of a walk-in wardrobe in a contemporary room setting.

Built-in Dressing Table Wardrobe

The dream wardrobe, not only holds all the belongings but also has an inbuilt dressing table. The design is unique, contemporary, and totally customer friendly. Along with a classy new-age design, this wardrobe also saves dressing table space by incorporating it in the wardrobe. The incorporated dressing table also has compartments for storage which makes it even more useful. It further provides daily routine ease as the user can just pick their outfit from the wardrobe, and the dressing table is right there to glam up and look into the mirror.

This wardrobe is the stardom spotlight area in a bedroom due to its polished design and colour combination. Contrast colour tones like black and white make this wardrobe style shine out. The dressing table wardrobe is the new age luxury furniture providing a mix of multipurpose usage and opulent design.contemporary wardrobe designs

Wardrobe and Scenic Beauty

Do you have a magical view from your room’s window? Then show off that view by combining it with this contemporary wardrobe design. A spacious compartmentalized wardrobe which is built bordering your window helps you organize your belongings along with adding to the beauty of the room. Wardrobes are usually considered to have a vintage look and are the dumping corner of the room. However, this modern wardrobe does justice to the room’s avant-garde flavour. It also makes better usage of space by providing a sitting area attached to the wardrobe as well as the window.contemporary wardrobe designs

Wardrobes, Books, and More…

Are you a quirky person who loves colours and joys of life? No luxury element, no glistening doors, no chic effect- just being a kid at heart and reflecting your persona with your wardrobe design! Simply rely on this quirky contemporary design! It incorporates sufficient storage for your clothing, essential goods, and also your entertainment goodies. A double-storeyed wardrobe with some spare space left out in the centre will help you reach out to all your daily essentials in a jiffy. In a fast-moving city, this cupboard will hold your go-to items like books, pens, makeup, etc. in an organized manner that can be quickly accessed.  contemporary wardrobe designs

Traditional Wardrobe but Contemporary Layout

No jazz! If you like the traditional style cupboard which stores your clothing, accessories, and essentials but at the same time want an out of the box pattern to it, opt for this wardrobe! Contemporary designs help you reflect and express yourself through design.

This wardrobe reminds us of a Rubik’s Cube, where we try to fit in the right colour blocks. Bright colours like dark green and fluorescent yellow combined with a completely subtle colour like the beige wood make the design eye-catchy and mysterious. contemporary wardrobe designs

At Homelane, our goal is to shape the future of home design by offering convenient and customized home designs and furniture. There are many varieties of contemporary wardrobe designs readily available in the market in today’s time. These are our favourites, but there’s always a wardrobe that’s made for each one’s convenience and design taste!  Get in touch with us to find the wardrobe that will gracefully hold your possessions.



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