Common Causes of Plumbing Issues and How to Prevent Them

You probably have encountered one plumbing issue or the other in your house or rental property. If you are the house owner, you should be checking the pipes and drainage systems regularly to avoid total blocking or damage of pipes and drainage systems. Several plumbing issues happen to residential and commercial buildings, and here are some ways to solve these issues.


  1. Clogged Drains

You have probably come across a clogged drain either in your house or in a commercial building. Most of the gutters you find in homes and apartments are to pass liquid waste. Sometimes, people do force substantial matters into these drains, leading to a blocked drain. When such clog occurs, the pipes no longer pass these liquid waste, making them form a pool of ugly scenes and odor in the house. 

How do you solve this? According to plumbing experts from, this issue can be solved by people avoiding putting solid waste in drains and basins, no matter how small they are. It’s advisable to use sink strainers and put all the trash in garbage bins to avoid blockage. If there is already a blockage, try to force more water in the drain and if the problem persists, get a professional plumber to unclog the drain.

  1. Faucet Problems

With the increased use of specially designed faucets in most modern homes, there have been increased equipment problems. Some faucet problems include continued leakage of water, even when the tap is not in use. Solving this problem requires tightening all water inlets and inspecting the seals to ensure that no water is leaking. Also, check for damaged or cracked pipes, which might be leaking water to the faucet parts. Timely repair of this equipment will help in conserving water and also preventing further damage to the equipment. If the problem doesn’t get solved, call a plumber to attend to it.

  1. Overflowing Toilets

There is nothing as disgusting in the house as having an overflowing toilet. An overflowing toilet might result from a blocked drain or something in the toilet bowl that prevents the waste from leaving the bowl. If you have children in the house, there is a probability of also having kid toys and clothes in the toilet bowl. 

It would be best if you first tried to see what is causing the blockage before applying any measure as pumping the toilet might create more issues since the item blocking the toilet basin might get into the main drain. When this occurs, it’s recommended to call a plumber to check on the situation and give a way forward. All the time, ensure no solid materials or toys are present in the toilets, and kids must get training never to visit the bathrooms with toys or throw items in the toilet bowl.

  1. Running Toilet

When you flush the toilet bowl, the water should gush out with force before stopping to refill the reservoir again. The water that gushes out is enough to push the fecal matter and any tissue paper. But what happens when the water continuously flows? 

If the water always flows in the toilet bowl, then there is a problem with the system, which needs immediate repair to avoid water loss. Running water can signal a weak or damaged valve that needs checking and repair. The system is a bit sensitive and might require a plumber to check it out and do some repairs. The plumber will also suggest whether to repair the equipment or have it replaced depending on the damage. 


  1. Leaking Pipes

Problems of leaking pipes can happen anywhere there is water plumbing. Such areas include the washrooms, overhead tanks, kitchen, toilets, washbasins, and other places. The problem with leaking pipes has to be solved as soon as possible to avoid water loss, which leads to high water bills. 

When the problem persists for long, it can damage the house structure, including walls and floors, creating massive damage that wasn’t anticipated. How do you solve this issue? To prevent leakage of pipes and ensure the lines are in good condition, they need regular checks. Any sight of wet areas or dripping water needs urgent action to avoid further damage. Inspection should be before the winter season, with problems sighted being dealt with accordingly by the plumber.

Other common problems related to plumbing include low water pressure and having too many pipes in one area, making it difficult to maintain and repair broken units. Any case of broken pipes and clogged drains must be solved quickly to avoid further damage to the equipment and the house in general. Ensure you have a qualified plumber on speed dial to deal with these issues once they arise.

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