Choosing Paint Colours for Your Home Office

With the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the work from a home culture has become the new normal for most of us. This is a phenomenon that is here to stay, perhaps for much longer.

We all have used the dining room, sofa lounge or the kitchen counter as a temporary workspace. However, with the new normal, working people are increasingly looking to set up formal spaces in the homes to have a dedicated workspace or a home office.

Setting up a home office is exciting, be it a new one or revamping an existing one.  The breeze of change makes you feel motivated and helps boost your energy.  As you set up a work corner in the comfort of your home, choosing a paint colour for the formal space may not come easy. The colours surrounding you affect your mood, performance and your energy levels. It is important to choose a colour that helps you focus and sets you in the right mood to work. To help you with the same, here are a few tips on how to choose a colour for your home office and pick one for your space.

How to Choose Paint Colours for Your Home Office?

Picking a colour for your working space does not come as easy as picking a colour for your kitchen or entertainment room. For a formal space, such as your working corner, there are a number of factors that come into play as you pick a colour for the walls.

Here are a few vital factors to be considered while you choose a paint colour for your home office:

1. Know Your Working Style

quirky colour combination for home office

Your style of work plays a pivotal role in helping you choose a colour for the walls. If a minimalist working space helps you concentrate, then neutral colours are the right pick or you. You can never go wrong with subtle neutral shades. On the other hand, if vibrant colourful surroundings help you get quirky and creative ideas, you can go for a vibrant, bright coloured wall.

2. Availability of Space

The colour of your walls largely depends on the available space. If you are setting up a compact home office, then you should pick a neutral or light shade for the walls. Light and airy colours tend to give the illusion of a bigger space. If your home office is spread across a larger area, you can pick any colour of your choice.

3. Paint Colour That Improve Level of Focus

Choosing a colour for your home office is majorly dependent on the level of the focus your work requires. If your profession requires you to be highly attentive and concentrated, then maybe neutral tones will be the right pick for you. On the other hand, if you are a part of a creative industry, some colourful walls may lift your mood and help you work better.

4. Demarcate Your Work Corner

If you don’t have a spare room which can be turned into a home office, you can put together a working space for yourself in any corner of your home. To demarcate your work corner from the rest of the space, you can colour the wall in a different shade.

Colour Combinations for the Home Office

To save you all the hassle, here is a list of shades that can help you set just the right workspace for yourself. Pick yourself a colour which suits your style and helps you be more productive!

1. The Cool Blues

Cool shades of blue are a popular colour choice for the office walls. The colour stimulates the mind and encourages productivity and home office

2. The Versatile White

You can never go wrong with painting your home office walls in white. The most versatile shade in the colour palette promotes focus. Refresh the look around by infusing other colours with indoor plants, bright cushions and other pieces of decor to add some vibrance to space.white home office

3. The Go-To Brown

If picking a colour for your home office is a tough call for you, go with a shade of brown. A colour as subtle as any from this palette encourages a sense of power and strength. The colour is a classic fit for a space to work in which can be easily refreshed by adding in plants or a small piece of decor. Pick a light brown or a beige shade for your walls if you like a lighter colour on your walls. brown home office

4. The Earthy Greens

A green shade soothes the eyes and helps in increasing the focus. It has a calming effect on the mind, which pairs well with all the work pressure there is to deal home office design

5. The Positive Yellow

A colour as vibrant as yellow radiates positivity and adds a friendly environment to work in. Choose a light shade of yellow. Darker shades of the colour tend to be distracting and can hamper the focus.yellow home office design

6. A Mid-Way Grey

The colour falls between shades of white and black, adding a neutral mood to the working space. It gives an elegant and classic feel to your home office. However, make sure to pair up the grey walls with some cheerful decor, else the colour can be a bit intimidating to work in.

grey home office interiors

Pro Tips to Choose Home Office Colours

  • If you lie midway between neutral-toned walls and colourful walls for a home office, you can settle for colourful accent walls or add in some colourful decor to brighten up space.
  • You can opt for painting the main wall of the office in a different colour from the other walls of the room. This design never goes out of style.
  • To add all the vibrancy and a positive vibe to the room, add natural pieces of decor like indoor plants, wall hangings or hang up some motivational quotes on the wall.
  • If you like a neutral shade for the walls, set up a bright coloured chair and some colourful knick-knacks. A little colour always makes the day better.home office vibrant furniture

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