Choose Yellow Sofa For Your Living Room

Are you looking to infuse some zesty personality to your living room? You can refresh your décor with a daring yellow sofa and instantly add a dash of sunshine to your space!

The Psychology of Yellow

A sunny and cheerful colour, yellow is a popular colour choice that many designers have used to create stunning visual effects in home décor. Yellow is an intense colour that should be used with caution; too much bright yellow can lead to overstimulation and visual fatigue. It has been known to increase metabolism and some shades of yellow, like fluorescent yellow or lemon yellow, can even make many people uncomfortable. Darker hues like mustard, honey and marigold are warm and inviting and can energise your décor without being too dramatic.

Create Balance in Your Room

If you are using solid yellow on the sofa, make sure you complement it with cool shades like grey, white or cream in the living room. These neutral hues will balance the look, toning it down to refreshing levels that are not overwhelming. Shades like red and orange, which are very close to yellow on the spectrum will add to the visual stimulation, and you may not want too much of that in the same space.

Tie the Look Together

Colours can play a vital role in creating a cohesive look that ties the whole room together. If you’re using yellow on your sofa, pick out the same shade of yellow in patterns in the drapes, cushions or rugs in the room, so that you can complete the look and create harmony in the room. Yellow sofa for living room

Yellow and Dark Grey

Yellow goes beautifully well with dark grey, black and white. It adds a much-needed ray of sunshiny cheer to the more sober and sophisticated grey, making this a popular colour combination used by designers across the world. You can use the same shade of yellow in other elements in the room, like side units or wall clocks, to add interest.yellow sofa and grey wall

Yellow on the Walls

You can also use yellow wallpaper on one accent wall to emphasise the shade. Try to keep the bright colours on one wall only, as this is a colour that demands attention and could overwhelm the rest of your décor. While solid yellow can look striking and pack a punch; if you want to soften the brightness, a yellow and white patterned wallpaper may work even better.yellow sofa and yellow walls

Try Yellow on the Chairs

If you have a predominantly dark grey colour scheme, a blast of yellow on just a few elements in the room, including a stylish designer chair, could be a daring and bold touch. Make sure that the same shade is present in just a few other elements in the room – just a lampshade or the artwork on the walls, for example. A bowl of bright yellow fruit would look just perfect as a centrepiece!Yellow Chairs and Gray Wall

Yellows on Cushions and Not the Sofa Itself

If the idea of a yellow sofa sounds too daunting, take a baby step with bold yellow cushions and a throw on a neutral coloured sofa. Even a little bit of this sunshine colour can add a lively touch and create a lovely, warm aesthetic in your living room.

Yellow Cushions on Grey Sofa

Yellow Matched with Stripe Rugs

Black and white stripes and a grey colour palette work well here along with the bright yellow sofa to create a warm, inviting space. The pinstripes on the wall paired with the bolder black and white stripe on the rug make for a streamlined feel.

Try Smaller Yellow Sofa

If you don’t want to use yellow as the primary colour for the upholstery but want to give it a try, then you could use it on a smaller single-seater, and still get the infusion of warmth that you are looking for. Your main sofa could be a solid neutral shade or done up in upholstery that uses a patterned or pinstriped yellow and white.Small Yellow Sofa

Add Layers with Different Shades of Yellow

You can create stunning décor by mixing and matching different shades of yellow. Do remember, however, that it’s difficult to stay for too long in a room that’s saturated with yellow. It is a powerful colour that can inject a high amount of emotional energy into your space. Still, we think this room with its multiple shades of yellow works quite well. Multishades yellow sofa

Yellow And White Colour Sofa

Deep textured yellows work beautifully well with creams and off-white shades, as is conceptualised by this casual modern living room. Cushions with bold prints in black and white complete the look. Here, the entire focus of the otherwise plain room is on the solid yellow upholstery.Yellow and White Sofa

Boho Chic Sofa

bohemian sofa

A boho-chic interior has a freestyle, where anything goes, and the décor is uninhibited. Yellow is an excellent choice for this interior style. There are no rules here, so you can pair it with different colours, textures and tones for an utterly carefree look that is bursting at the seams with life.

If you are drawn to bold colours, choosing a vibrant yellow sofa may be just what you need to pep up your design quotient! Here’s to creating a joyful, innovative and energised space that you and your family will love and cherish!

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