Charming Window Decoration Tips

When decorating your house, it’s very easy to overlook some of the features, such as the windows. While it might not be intentional, it is a big mistake, as something as simple as decorating the window can add character to the whole interior decor.

Yes, you read it correctly. Adding decor to your window can completely change the atmosphere of the room. 

If you want to find out more about it, all you have to do is keep reading. So, without further ado, let’s discover some of the best decorating tips for your windows.

Consider Adding a Window Box

Window box is an easy way of adding charm not only to the window but also to the whole house. They are a great choice for those who wish to have an outdoor garden, but simply don’t have the space – for instance, because they live in an apartment complex.

Now, you might be wondering – how do I install it? Well, there are a few ways, but the most common one is by drilling it in. However, if you live in a rental house, that might not be possible, as the owner might not be comfortable with that. What can you do then?

If you don’t want to make any holes in the brick wall, you should check out the articles published on, titled “How to Attach a Window Box to Brick Without Drilling.” The website’s experts walk you through the whole process so that you can have your window box without putting holes in the wall. It’s a win-win, don’t you think?

Find the Perfect Covering

During the summer, the sun coming through the windows can get pretty annoying – especially if there are more than 100 degrees outside. That’s why you should consider adding some covering to your windows – and no, we are not talking about traditional curtains or blinds.

Here are some of the things you can use as unconventional window coverings:

  • Stenciled sign, made out of a salvaged wood board – add it to the kitchen window, with a motivational message stenciled on with a bright color, and you might find yourself ready to tackle the dirty dishes.
  • Rustic privacy screen – fairly easy to create on your own, by using tongue-and-groove pine boards and hinges.
  • Frosted glass design – if you want to have slightly more privacy, you should consider adding a pattern painted with frosted glass spray paint. However, remember not to cover the whole window, as it blocks the outside view (unless that’s what you are going for).
  • Lace window panes – if you live in a rental that doesn’t have blinds or curtains, you will probably appreciate this solution. Apply pieces of lace directly to the glass with a cornstarch paste. When you are moving out, you can easily remove it with a little bit of warm water. Thanks to this idea, you can enjoy both natural light and privacy.

As you can see, there are many unconventional materials you can use as window coverings – all you need is a little bit of creativity.

Curtains, Blinds, Shutters…

If our unconventional window coverings didn’t really win you over, don’t worry – we have even more ideas for you.

Curtains, blinds, and shutters are, without a doubt, some of the most popular ways of decorating one’s window. They are available in a variety of patterns, colors, textures, sizes, and so on. This means that you can get them as personalized as you want so that they will perfectly fit the overall decor of your house.

What’s more, oftentimes it is possible to use more than one type of curtain, which definitely adds character to the window, and in many cases, improves your home environment. Take as an example curtains mixed with Venetian blinds, or blinds combined with shutters. They will keep the cold out and help filter the natural light that comes into your room.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, there are several ways you can decorate your window both inside and outside – some of which are more unconventional than others.

Nonetheless, when choosing the one for your house, remember to pick one that you like the most. Of course, you can ask other people about their opinion, but don’t let them influence you so much. Otherwise, you will end picking the decoration they liked – unless you live with them. If that’s the case, it should be a mutual decision.

Also, keep in mind that we didn’t mention the majority of what you can do with your window, as there’s simply too much. Some other popular decorating tips involving the window include adding plants in monochrome pots or placing fairy lights on the window sill. So, what are you waiting for? Turn on your creativity, and start decorating your window.

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