Celebrating Raksha Bandhan the New Way

Raksha Bandhan is around the corner and here we are, staying inside our homes, wondering how to celebrate the festivity the new way. This time around you can’t go shopping for the Raksha Bandhan bands, new clothes and some other knick-knacks which bring in a festive vibe to your homes.

Well, the last thing we’d want for you is to celebrate a dull, boring Raksha Bandhan. So, grab a pair of scissors, and some ribbons, put on your aprons and cooking hats and let’s get to work.

DIY Raksha Bandhan Bands

We’re sure you wouldn’t want to head out, step into the crowded little stores and choose a band for your siblings. Well, we have you covered. Raksha Bandhan bands can be easily made at home. Find a ribbon roll that’s been lying around somewhere and cut it into smaller pieces as per your size requirements. Stick some small decorative pieces like mirrors, beads and some sequins in the middle. Voila!

Spruce up Your Home

Add a festive and cheerful vibe to your home this Raksha Bandhan week. Bring out those bright and colourful cushions and covers and decorative pieces. Do you have some hangings stored away from the Diwali last year? Well, put them up! A dash of colour spreads a positive vibe all around the house.  raksha bandhan 2020

Fairy Lights to the Rescue

We’re sure you have fairy lights hidden somewhere in the house. Lighten up your living room with some fairy lights. These lights can add a beautiful charm to any space around. 

2020 raksha bandhan

Some Sugar, Please

What are festivities without something ‘meetha’? However, no sweets and delicacies from the shops this time. It’s time to put your cooking and baking skills to test! Bake a cake for your loved ones and if you have a knack for it, try making some mithai at home perhaps. There are a zillion videos out there to guide you through them. Come on, you can do it!raksha bandhan

Gift Boxes

We’re sure there must be a few boxes lying around in your house, unused. Hunt for them and wipe off all the dust. Pick up your paintbrushes and paint them in some bright colours. Decorate the boxes with some fancy ribbons, threads and knick-knacks available at your disposal. Place all your gifts in this stunning box and you are good to go!

raksha bandhan 2020

Raksha Bandhan Envelopes

Yes, we know you should avoid stepping out of your homes, but that is no reason to use those white bland envelopes for gifting purposes. Take your basic white or coloured envelopes and decorate them just like you did for the boxes and the bands. You can also cut out shapes from colourful sheets and paste them on the envelopes. Jazz up those boring envelopes a tad!2020 raksha bandhan

Get in touch with your crafty side and decorate your homes with your loved one. Yes, the festivals are going to be celebrated a tad differently this year, but keep your festive spirits high. Your loved ones are just a video call away! 

HomeLane wishes you and your family a happy and safe Raksha Bandhan!


Image courtesy- sajaavat99 on Instagram.


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