Veneer Vs. Laminate: Pros and Cons

Both laminates and veneers can be used as surface finishes for your cabinets and closets. We give you the low down on each material so that you can make the right choice as per your needs.

Let’s start with what goes into the manufacturing of each.

Laminates are machine-made sheets that are made by bonding together decorative paper and plastic resins in the form of sheets. Veneers, on the other hand, are made from very finely sliced pieces of real wood that are pressed on a plywood base.


Many people love the rich, warm and natural appearance of veneers.

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Gas vs Electric Stove – How to Choose Your Stove?

When it is time to go in for a new stove, you are often caught between choosing a conventional gas stove or the electric one. Each has its own set of pros and cons. A lot depends not only on your budget, but also your personal preference, the kind of food you cook, kitchen space, and so on.

Let us first understand the difference between the two types of stoves before we go into the factors that one should consider before making a choice.

Understanding the Difference: Gas Vs Electric Stoves

Pros and Cons of the Gas Stove

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How to Choose the Right Laminate for your Kitchen Cabinets

If you are overwhelmed by the sheer variety of material choices for your kitchen cabinetry, you are not alone. Many of our customers opt for high-quality laminate finishes, which look great in a contemporary décor setting. Having decided on a laminate finished kitchen, here are the things you should keep in mind when making your final selection.

Choose the Colours with Care

Remember, the colours you pick will play a large part in the overall aesthetics of your kitchen, so take your time and make the right choice. That stunning red that you loved in your friend’s spacious house

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Difference Between King Size and Queen Size Beds

“King size or queen size?” That’s the first question you would hear when you go shopping for a cot, mattress or even a bedspread. You may also hear “single or double?”.

If you’re confused which cot or mattress to choose for your bedroom, then here’s everything you need to know about king size and queen size.

King Size Bed vs Queen Size: Dimensions

The first question on your mind would be – how much bigger is a king than a queen? 

The dimension of king and queen beds vary from country to country. For instance, a king-size bed may measure

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How to Create a Baking Nook in Your Kitchen

Over the years, baking has become an essential part of Indian cooking too. Baking is a hobby that brings the whole family together and provides ample opportunities to create memories. Children love to try their hands on cookie baking. Cakes, pizzas and lasagne baked at home give you a whole new dining experience. Not to mention the appeal that the images of these cooked dishes add to your social account.

Baked items add an extra edge to your dining table servings as well. So, if you are planning to have a baking area in your new home or if you

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Choosing the Right Door Material for Your Home

Throughout history, doors have been subject to a great many stories, victories, opportunities, and mystery. A door is not only a gateway to protect the home from outside elements, but it also gives an outsider the first look of your home. Historically, doors have witnessed a great many changes in their form and structure, from a rudimentary design made from branches and twigs, we now have moved on to state-of-the-art bulletproof doors. 

Movies like the Lord of the Rings, Grand Hotel Budapest, Padmavati, etc. give us a glimpse of doors that are grandiose and aesthetically beautiful. If you ever take

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Interior 101: Mediterranean Interior Design

Interior designing in India is gradually incorporating various trends from around the globe. As concepts like ‘budget homes’, ‘compact homes’, ‘European style homes’ are getting popular, interior design trends from European origin like ‘vintage style’, ‘modern European style’, ‘Mediterranean Elements’, etc. are matching these new-age concepts.

Incorporating the styles in your home interior is what we at Homelane specialize in. From colours to furniture to the flooring, everything has to be in sync to make your home look pretty. This is precisely why following a particular theme is essential. Themes condition particular style rules which ensure that your

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