Interior Design Trends In Ahmedabad

If you live in Ahmedabad and have recently got a chance to build your dream house, you need to have a clear idea of all the Interior Design Trends In Ahmedabad. By doing so, your house will stand tall among all the beautiful homes in your vicinity. 

Everyone wants to have their dream house in a big city such as Ahmedabad, and you do not wish to miss out on any chance to make your house look elegant. So here is a brief description of all the Design Trends In Ahmedabad that you can inculcate in your home. 

Living Space

Many residents in Ahmedabad want to have a house whose living space is connected with a garden. Nature is the key attraction in this design. Hence the interiors are very soft and not at all overpowering nature’s beauty. However, to feature that will make the interiors of your house look way more elegant is a lamp hung from the ceiling of the house. This lamp brightens up the living space at night, making your house look more beautiful than ever. 

However, in most houses of Ahmedabad, you will find a swing in the living space. This swing is movable and

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Latest Interior Design Trends in Kochi

Kochi, the Queen of the Arabian Sea, is a vibrant city home to several colonial and local architectural gems. In today’s landscape, you’ll find a good mix of traditional, sprawling independent bungalows and a generous number of high-rise apartments in the city.

Modern Kochi homes sport contemporary design while celebrating traditional Kerala style and global décor elements. Let’s peep into Kochi homes and see which interior design trends are most popular.

A Bend Towards Neutrals and Earthy Hues

A popular colour trend in Kochi homes is a neutral base with pops of earthy colours. You may have light coloured walls and furnishings – turn an entire wall into a textured terracotta red or an olive green. Or add a painted desk or a custom-built modular entertainment unit with painted shelving. Add wall niches that are painted in a different hue from the rest of the wall.

Cover a few walls with ethnic or modern patterned wallpaper, especially in corridors or the entryway. Or cover a living room wall with a Kerala mural painting to stunning effect!

Modular Kitchens

Teak wood and marine-ply are popular options for kitchen cabinets in Kochi homes. Wooden cabinets in a large, open kitchen are a

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How To Soundproof Your Home?

The honking of cars and rattling from construction sites are all noises we witness today. But, while sound can be pleasing, noise is something that annoys us. So, especially while selecting the right home, we tend to prefer places with low noise levels. “How to reduce noise at home” is a popular question we get asked as designers. And we cannot deny its importance. That is because home is a place for relaxing and recreation, which needs to be peaceful. This makes sound insulation an integral part of home designs. 

What Is Soundproofing?

It means reducing sound through any means. For home interiors, soundproofing means reducing sound transmission between two built spaces. Building materials and interior design solutions help to achieve sound insulation.

Is it Important to Soundproof Your Home?

Yes, it is crucial to have sound insulation in your home. Soundproofing helps to wholly or partly restrict the passage of sound between spaces. It is an essential design element for Indian kitchens, where cooking can be noisy. Also, for metropolitan cities where apartment living is the norm, soundproofing becomes necessary. So, if you are also seeking ideas to soundproof your home, then below is a list you can take

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Best Duplex House Interior Layouts

What is a Duplex?

 A Duplex is a two-unit home in which the floors are connected internally via a staircase. The floor plan can vary, but there must be two interconnected units – no more and no less. Hence, they are different from houses with two floors, as the two floors are generally separate and independent of each other. Duplexes can be seen as the middle ground between having two separate houses and having one huge, fully connected home – it is connected, but with independent areas.

One can argue that having a duplex is a luxury in itself. But we can always elevate the wow factor by adding thoughtful details. We recommend the following tricks to beautify the interiors of your duplex:

1.  Statement Staircase

The staircase connecting the units is a quintessential feature of the duplex home. Why not add some pizzazz to it? You can go for a plant nook. Add indoor plants for a green space. You can use natural materials such as driftwood to create the steps. This will enhance the natural look. Add a sturdy metal railing for support. Or you can embrace a gothic look by adding a spiral staircase with gold-coloured railings

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How to make your small parallel kitchen huge?

Gone are the times when the kitchen was one of the largest rooms in a home. In most urban homes today, the kitchen is the smallest room. However, the importance of the kitchen has not decreased with its size. It is still one of the most important rooms in most homes, where the family meals are cooked lovingly. Hence, it is essential that the kitchen is lively and at the same time functional.

The most common type of small kitchen that you see in today’s homes is the parallel kitchen, with two countertops on both sides and a passage in the middle. Here we put across some ideas to make your parallel kitchen look more prominent.

How to Make Your Small Parallel Kitchen Huge?

Most think that not much can be done for small kitchens. But, while functionality is essential, a stunning kitchen can lift the look of the entire house. So let us look at some ideas that would help make your parallel kitchen look more prominent and stylish.

Go for Classic White

If there is one colour you can completely trust to brighten and make your kitchen appear bigger, it is white. White is a colour that is

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Bedroom Designs for Winter – HomeLane Blog

Regardless of the weather, the cold season is a favourite among most people. With all the vacations brought on by the weather, this time of year is perfect for long, warm cuddles. However, as the days get shorter and the nights draw in, it becomes essential to be friendly and comfortable to make it through the winter.

The best course of action is to eliminate the chills while relaxing into a ‘comfortable’ attitude in this circumstance. A frostbitten manner of life may be avoided by using winter bedroom designs and workarounds. There’s no need to look any further since we’ve got a bedroom design for winter that’ll make your space cosier!

Bedroom Design for Winter

As the weather cools and the days get shorter, our houses change concerning. Spring is the best time to address these problems. And for many homemakers, one of the most pressing concerns is how to decorate your bedroom for winter.

Our bedrooms are one of the most significant rooms in our homes. Therefore we should take care of them. Consider renovating your bedroom with these lovely winter décor ideas. Here are some ideas for creating a bedroom design for a winter wonderland in your bedroom:

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