Cabinets To Go: Why Shopping Here Will Wow You

Kitchen with breakfast bar and beautiful cabinets from Cabinets To Go
Cabinets To Go offers a one-stop shop for cabinets, countertops, flooring, sinks and all kinds of accessories.

We’re talking with Joe Levans, the vice president of Store Operations at Cabinets To Go, on this special Today’s Homeowner Podcast.

So many homeowners say that choosing cabinets is challenging. After all, they take up so much space in the kitchen, so it’s a big decision.

Cabinets To Go is a one-stop-shop solution, making the process much easier.

  • [00:22] The challenge of choosing cabinets, and how Cabinets To Go can help
  • [01:00] About Cabinets To Go’s history
  • [01:38] What frustrates homeowners shopping for cabinets
  • [03:26] What defines a quality home
  • [04:21] About the different levels of cabinet quality
  • [05:47] The different accessories available for cabinets
  • [08:27] The benefit of visiting a Cabinets To Go showroom
  • [08:49] Where you should start with a kitchen remodel
  • [09:38] A place for inspiration and the latest trends
  • [11:42] The benefit of having a design professional on site

Fishing room storage
Cabinets are useful in more than kitchens and bathrooms. They’re perfect for workshops, laundry rooms and bars.

Cabinets To Go: Solutions for Every Room

Cabinets are the most versatile furniture in the house. Some people use them for kitchens and baths, but they’re also installed in bars and basements, along with mudrooms and pantries. There are even fireplace surrounds with built-in cabinets.

And it’s easy to completely transform a room when you have one store that provides the cabinets, countertops, flooring, sinks and other accessories that make a house a home.

In fact, Cabinets To Go solves a common problem: usually, you have to drive one place to purchase the cabinets, and then travel from store to store to find other elements that match them. That’s no longer necessary!

Cabinets To Go customers have a range of options of door styles and finishes, backsplashes, knobs and pulls to match any home’s style. And at affordable prices, which is why they say their products “wow for less.”

Close up of a beautiful silver stand mixer resting on a retractable shelf coming from a customized cabinet.
Every household has its unique needs, and Cabinets To Go has all kinds of smart storage solutions to fit your lifestyle.

Trends and Storage Solutions

If you haven’t shopped for cabinets before, you might not realize all the options that are available.

That is, going beyond the basics to make your home not just practical, but also functional for your lifestyle. These include soft-close hinges, roll-out-trays, two-drawer cabinets and spice racks.

When you can put just a little money into something that saves space and makes your home operate smoothly, that’s a great investment!

And if you’re not aware of the latest trends, it helps to have a design professional fill you in on what’s hot, what’s not, and guide you through the process.

But it especially helps to see these collections! Visiting the Cabinets To Go showroom is an unmatched experience. Customers can see the accessories, touch them and determine what works best for their space.

Dream kitchen with spherical pendant lights over an island
Before you renovate a kitchen, consider your wants and needs — and budget first for the needs.

Planning Your Dream Kitchen

Creating a dream kitchen is a significant endeavor for most people, but it becomes much easier if you take it step by step.

First, measure your kitchen or have a professional installer from Cabinets To Go tackle the job. Providing the room’s dimensions lets designers know the space they have to work with — that way, they can make the best recommendations.  

Next, visit the showroom, because inspiration will definitely take over! You’ll be able to see the latest accent colors and check out trends you may not have considered. These include two-toned kitchen cabinets and islands with a pop of color that contrasts with or complements the cabinets.

As for those bold design options? So many homeowners want to be adventurous with a remodel, but aren’t sure their choices would look good in their space.

With someone guiding the process, it makes everything much easier, so your room can look that much more special.

And, most importantly, you can be confident in the remodel.

Visit Cabinets To Go’s website and listen to this podcast to learn more!

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