Blend Old and New Interior Design Trends in Bangalore

Do you want to decorate your Bangalore home blending old and new design trends? From being a pensioner’s paradise to IT capital of India, Bangalore has come a long way. In every main or cross, you would see a peaceful co-existence of high-rise apartments and independent homes.

Despite a love for minimal and sleek interiors showcasing their global exposure, the younger generation embraces vintage elements as well. As in the earlier years, homes in Bangalore are known to mix form and function masterfully.

Even your contemporary home can be decorated in personalized ways to reflect your past and present stories. Here are some interior design trends in Bangalore to mix old and new interior design styles in your home.

Contemporary and Classic Furniture

Bangalore homes typically have furniture that is functional and aesthetic at the same time. Instead of a fully sleek or contemporary home, mix in an antique dresser in the bedroom, or an heirloom wooden trunk as a coffee table. Bring in some distressed wood elements and some pieces of natural wood furniture.

Seating Areas that Mix Comfort and Style

A majority of the residents in Bangalore are working professionals. At the end of a tiring workday, you would cherish the joy of being able to sink into a plush sofa and kick your feet up! You might also love entertaining guests in the evenings or on weekends.

So, think twice before you buy any sofa for your living room. Get the most comfortable one for your family – be it a wooden or a fabric sofa. Build in a window seat in your bedroom corner. And place a few comfy armchairs where you can gather for an evening chit-chat with neighbours.

Living room design trends in Bangalore

Fabrics from Old Times and New

Besides modern patterned furnishings, bring in a few elements from the past. It could be silk cushions or curtains with patterns from the traditional Ilkal sarees from north Karnataka. Upholster a vintage armchair with a Udupi cotton saree fabric or a Karnataka Kasuti saree if you can get hold of one.

Furniture Fabrics Trends in Bangalore

Vibrant Colours and Prints

Bangalore homes sport youthfulness and energy as much as they celebrate their vintage elements. Use pops of colours in your rooms even if the predominant palette is neutral, white or dark. Bring in patterns and prints in the form of upholstery, cushions, curtains, and large pieces of artwork on the walls. Choose bold colours for some of your walls to make the wall décor stand out.

Wall paint colour trends in bangalore

Natural Materials

Even if the rest of the décor is plush, luxurious or minimalistic, make sure that you bring in natural elements in every room. Use jute rugs, a wooden swing in the living room, wicker chairs in the balcony, a cane and wood chest of drawer, and so on. Use industrial lighting fixtures, rope lamps, or fabric lampshades.

2020 interior design trends in bangalore

Balconies Turned into Relaxation Zones

The beautiful, pleasant weather in Bangalore calls for mornings and evenings outdoors! If you don’t have a spacious patio or courtyard, make the most of the balconies in your apartment. So, there is no excuse for a Bangalorean to stay locked in all the time. Let the fresh air in and relax on chic outdoor furniture as you sip hot cups of tea.

Study or Home Office

All working professionals, students and stay-at-home parents would need a place to work or study quietly (more so with remote working being a popular option these days). Your study unit can be a separate room or just an extension of your living room entertainment unit or bedroom table. It could even be a nook under the stairs with carefully planned custom storage for your office items and gadgets.

home office trends in bangalore

Entertainment Room

Social Bangaloreans also need a quiet space for relaxing. In your home, plan an entertainment zone. An entire spare room can be converted to an entertainment area or even a portion of a room. Set up a home theatre, music system, a small library, or just a nook for you to play your favourite instrument. It could even be your hobby room with custom-built storage and unique décor elements added in.

trending Tv units in bangalore

Stylish Entryway Design

A typical feature of modern Bangalore homes is a stylish entryway or foyer. You could add an elegant chandelier, and treat your walls to a stylish patterned wallpaper. Mount a single massive piece of artwork, place a console or an upholstered bench and you have a welcoming entryway right there.

foyer interiors in Bangalore

Modern Kitchens

The usual kitchen designs are given a spin in modern Bangalore homes. Give yours an exciting twist with interesting materials and patterns. Use metals, stone or terracotta tiles for your backsplash or even global patterned tiles. Use bold patterned tiles for the kitchen floor. And opt for dual-toned cabinets.

Kitchen design trends in Bangalore


You have a home in the “garden city” – reason enough to surround yourself with greenery even indoors. Tastefully arrange flowering plants and greens potted in stylish planters in your patio or balcony. Bring in the greens indoors as well. Plants are evergreen interior design trends in Bangalore.

interior design trends in Bengaluru

So what are you waiting for? The expert designers at HomeLane can help you envision and create your dream home in Bangalore with the right amount of old and new interior design trends in Bangalore.

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