Best Paint Colours for Your Foyer

Your home’s foyer is one of the most important places in your house. It is the first area that your guests see as soon as they enter your house. This is the entryway to your house which connects it to other rooms. And thus the design and colours which you choose for your foyer area is quite relevant. We will share some tips and tricks for the same. 

Let’s have a look at how you can beautify your foyer area and along with it living room and your entire space – 

Time for Classics

Nothing can beat the class and grandeur of black and white. Both of these are classic members of the colour family, and they bring the best in your house. You can keep the foyer area dramatic with black and white striped wallpaper. This will make the room look much more spacious and will also bring some natural light to the room. Make sure that you limit this wallpaper to one wall of the foyer design only. And when it comes to the living room, then you can keep it in monotones of black and white alternating between both the colours. Or if you want to go for a simpler foyer area then keep it in white and you can play with black in the rest of your room. White walls on a bigger wall might look quite boring. So, make sure that you add big and colourful photo frames.


Blush like a Peach

If you want to add a colour that is soft but not white, then pink might fit the bill. This is one of the minimalistic colours which will bring the element of freshness to space. As soon as the door opens, the guests will have a welcome feeling. These days you get a lot of shades of pink and thus you can choose the one as per your home interior. Be it peach or rosy pink, choose a colour that uplifts your mood. We would suggest different shades of pink for your rooms. A combination of pink and cream goes quite well and can be tried for other rooms. A wide variety of pink wallpapers are available. In case you feel that it is an overdose of pink, choose a complementing colour like grey or white with subtle hints of pink.  

Time for Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns are the trendy way to give an edge to your home. Especially when it comes to the foyer area, you can create a stylish and attractive look with geometric patterned wallpapers. These wallpapers not only add a rhythm and style to your home but also add a sense of interest. You can go with stylish geometric patterns like diamond or argyle to add that modern element to your foyer area. Again we would suggest you keep the geometric patterned wallpaper to one of the bigger walls of the foyer area and then limit it to the fewer walls of the living room. This way, you will be able to create a balance. And to neutralize the look of the wallpaper, make sure that you use a solid colour in the wallpaper for your living room. 

Royal as blue

Blue is one of the most royal colours, and it perks up the room. This colour is one of the most elegant colours which will add style, glamour, freshness, and much more to your room. Blue is a calming colour, and it promotes calmness and tranquillity. You can go ahead with different shades of blue. Be it sky blue, electric blue, royal blue or anything else all of them will go equally well for the foyer area. And then for the living room, create a statement with blue coloured wallpaper. Make sure that the solid colour of the wallpaper is light and the patterns of the wallpaper are really small. Then the complete look of the wallpaper will look gorgeous and perfect for your home interior. Trust us, it will be the perfect conversation starter with your guests. 

Green Foyer

Gone are those days when people didn’t want to experiment with green colour for their room, be it the foyer area or anything else. The green colour is one of the most beautiful colours, and when it is added to your room, a beautiful and warm feeling is created. For instance, forest green is the latest trending colour that will create a statement as soon as someone opens the room. This colour will add that perfect inviting feel. And to make the colour stand out to keep the remaining walls muted and in monochrome. Green symbolizes fertility, freshness, nature, calmness and has all the good vibes attached to it. 

In case you are not comfortable with a solid green colour, you can try green wallpaper. Try to choose nature-inspired wallpaper. You can keep it for your foyer area and keep the solid green colour for your living room. So, don’t think twice. Just go with this colour. 

So, what are you thinking of? Choose the best foyer colour and wallpaper combinations from the above-mentioned options and get ready to invite guests. We are sure that with these foyer and living room combos, you are all geared up to redecorate your space. But we suggest you get your house done by an expert to get that artistic feel and look.

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