Best Duplex House Interior Layouts

What is a Duplex?

 A Duplex is a two-unit home in which the floors are connected internally via a staircase. The floor plan can vary, but there must be two interconnected units – no more and no less. Hence, they are different from houses with two floors, as the two floors are generally separate and independent of each other. Duplexes can be seen as the middle ground between having two separate houses and having one huge, fully connected home – it is connected, but with independent areas.

One can argue that having a duplex is a luxury in itself. But we can always elevate the wow factor by adding thoughtful details. We recommend the following tricks to beautify the interiors of your duplex:

1.  Statement Staircase

The staircase connecting the units is a quintessential feature of the duplex home. Why not add some pizzazz to it? You can go for a plant nook. Add indoor plants for a green space. You can use natural materials such as driftwood to create the steps. This will enhance the natural look. Add a sturdy metal railing for support. Or you can embrace a gothic look by adding a spiral staircase with gold-coloured railings to emulate the look of a palace. Don’t neglect the stairway- it can be the focal point of the house. You can also use the materials of the staircase ( natural hardwood, granite etc. ) as the inspiration for the rest of the living area surrounding it.

2. Utilize the Tall Walls

Duplex apartments often have a wall that is double the height since it spans both floors. Such extra-tall walls can look rather dull if left blank. They can serve as a great canvas to showcase art. Pick some supersized prints from your local museum store or get some online. If paintings are not your cup of tea, look for interesting wallpapers or textured paint.  Even adding a simple border will do the trick if you are looking for a cleaner, more minimal option.

3. Create an Intimate Socializing Space

Common areas can sometimes be too large in duplex apartments. To create an intimate space, demarcate an area with a floor rug. You can then opt for a formal dining table set or for more casual sitting arrangements on the rug. Side tables and coffee tables can tie the look together. You can even add a different wall colour in this area to differentiate it from the rest of the open plan. Create an inviting space that draws the eye and become a natural space that people gravitate to. You can find beautiful living room ideas at HomeLane.

4. Open-Plan Kitchen and Dining Room

An easy method of introducing a relaxed feel is to open the kitchen and dining rooms. This connects the two rooms and creates a broader area. This, in turn, allows houseguests to move from dining to kitchen areas without the confined feeling. This can also be easier on the people who are cooking, as they can freely mingle while rustling up food. You could even convert your kitchen island to a dining spot. You can find great options at HomeLane for modular kitchen designs.

5. Play with Chandeliers

Since duplexes are likely to have a few double-height ceilings, an addition of hanging lights can have a stunning effect. Choose modern or vintage designs according to the theme of your home. If chandeliers are a bit too much for you, opt for pendant lamps. Hanging lights enhance the grandeur of a high ceiling.  

6. Minimalist Opulence

Embrace the luxurious look by choosing very few pieces of furniture with clean lines and no embellishments. Amplify the starkness of the open areas by leaving bare spaces. Add the bare minimum furniture, just enough to make the area functional. Choose rich materials such as hardwood, velvet, and pure wool. Stark spaces punctuated with high-quality pieces will look very chic.

7. Connect the Interiors to the Outdoors

If the lower floor of your duplex is at ground level, it makes sense to have the hall area open to the porch. This way, you can provide your guests with the option of indoor or outdoor seating. You can go all out and build a pool and connect it to the hall! A small garden with a sitting area is another practical option.

8. Colour Code the Floors

If a single-family lives in a duplex, it may be helpful to colour code the floors – one floor for work and study and another for rest and relaxation. In this era of work from home, it is important to create a separation between work and play within the house. This will help you focus fully on work and unwind more seamlessly as you handle both areas of your life in the same space. This is shown to work with children studying online as well-differentiated areas increase focus. Typically, the upper floor with bedrooms can be painted a soothing beige or light grey. The ground floor with the living room and study areas can have bolder colours and accents. 

These are our top tips to spruce up a duplex. You can embrace your minimalist or your maximalist side – the idea is to reflect who you are. A duplex provides unique opportunities to have fun with the interior design, so make the best use of them! To find help on your interior design journey, visit HomeLane.

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