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To many, Africa is an exotic destination, known for its Nile River, Serengeti wildlands, tribal culture and much more. This beautiful continent has many stunning artefacts and crafts that it can call it’s own. Crafts with exquisite craftsmanship, bold graphics and prints. It’s really no wonder that homeowners want to bring this beauty into their home. African-inspired patterns have been trending in home decor for a while now and if you haven’t jumped on the wagon yet, we are here to tell you how you can.

You can get African home decor and transform your home without spending a lot. Let’s take a look at this remarkable style and find ways for you to incorporate it effortlessly into your home to create a luxe and stylish home.

Wooden African Masks on the Wall

This home, styled with chic African home decor, features a simple yet stunning wall decoration idea. Some unique wooden masks are hung on the wall with a Zebra print wallpaper. This coupled with the dark brown wooden chair, that’s upholstered in an ethnic print, brings the tribal look together. If you can’t get your hands on these, you can also try to recreate the look by putting up wooden arrows or some bohemian-inspired wall hangings.

Handwoven Grass Baskets

Natural woven baskets, made from jute, clay, or rattan, are perfect additions for your African-inspired home decor. These beautiful and colourful handwoven grass baskets from East Africa are perfect to be displayed in your dining area or entryway.

These baskets, made of natural elements, help retain a connection with nature and are perfect to be placed in empty corners. You can use larger baskets as pots for indoor plants. Finding the perfect accent chair can really make your home interiors come to life.

African Boho-style Interior

This African home decor may just be what you need to really make your home extraordinary. The rattan dining table set, the tribal wood-carved figurine and the bamboo wall as the backdrop create a beautiful boho ethnic look that you can draw inspiration from as well.

Picking Your Wall Colour?

Choose a palette of blues and greens inspired by the vibrant and fertile landscape of Africa. We bet that these rustic elements will give your home interiors a gorgeous upgrade. Add a stylish rattan chair, macrame hangings and wooden cubes with tropical plants to complete the look.

Jungle Patterns in the Bedroom

Draping your bed with an animal print bedspread, coupled with ethnic printed pillows, is a bold way to experience the wild African safari right in your bedroom. You can also add traditional tribal rugs for a fun twist. Hang Africa-inspired art pieces on the walls to bring out the culture even more. Get adventurous and create a unique look with the various African elements you can find.

Animal Print Tribal Decor

If you intend to go full tribal, then animal prints or sculptures are an absolute must. Choose any African ethnic print or faux animal skin that goes well with your home interiors. You can also revamp your furniture upholstery with animal prints such as Zebra, Cheetah, Giraffe, etc. for a fun twist.

Traditional Vases, Wall Hangings, Wooden Carved Stools

Traditional African home decor essentials like vases, wall hangings, or wood-carved stools are guaranteed to enhance the beauty of your living room, dining room, bedroom or even your bathroom.

A Hint of Morocco in the Bedroom

Stunning light fixtures to intricate woodwork from Morocco is in vogue these days. Adorn your side table with ornate lamps to add a layer of mystery to the decor. You can also dress up your bed with beautifully patterned sheets, pillow covers, and custom-made painted headboards to redefine the look of your bedroom. Check out the soothing effect the light casts in this bedroom.

Adorn Empty Spaces with Artefacts

Up your home interiors game by adding exquisite artefacts like this wooden carved table. Find a stylish lamp and an accent chair, and you can completely transform any empty corner of your home.

Moroccan Style Ceramic Plates

Colourful and ornately crafted Moroccan plates may just be what that large bare wall needs. These handmade, exquisitely painted plates are a unique style statement that will become the objet d’art in your home. Compliments incoming!

Style Your Kitchen the Moroccan Way

Don’t forget the heart of the home, the kitchen, in your home revamp. Even if you have a typical modern kitchen, these Moroccan style tiles will give it a much-needed shot of colour and warmth. Just make sure that you pick tiles with at least one colour that match your cabinets so that they are tied well together. The tiles in the kitchen below, for example, have a bit of grey that ties in the grey cabinets well.

Moroccan-style Bathroom Tiles

Your bathroom doesn’t have to be left out. Soak your bathroom in African style with these Moroccan-style patterned tiles. What’s not to love about the contrasting hues and fine design?

We hope these ideas have inspired you for your home interior journey. If you need help with your home’s interiors, do get in touch with the HomeLane team and make your interiors the way you imagine with some unique African home decor ideas.

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