A Guide to Beautiful Headboards for Your Bedroom

After a long day’s work, one longs for a peaceful, uninterrupted time in the bedroom. Have you noticed that you don’t lie down immediately in bed, you read kindle, chat with your partner, or simply sit and have some quiet me-time? For all that, what one requires is a nice headboard. A comfortable headboard is one of the most understated accessories that has your back. 

Let us delve into the history of headboards to understand how they came to be an essential bedroom design accessory. In ancient Egypt, headboards were used as a decorative element for the regal bedroom design of the royalty. Romans had a more practical use, to keep out cold from the walls and get some warmth. Modern history combined both the uses and evolved headboard design into what we see now. 

Headboards are now an intrinsic part of bedroom design. They provide a functional aspect of keeping the body warm, saving the pillows from falling off the bed, giving much needed back support and saving the wall from stains. Contemporary headboard designs give bedrooms a highly personalised style, combined with cosiness. 

Here’s a list of headboard designs to inspire you.

Wooden Headboard

Wood never goes out of fashion. It stands the test of time, style and hardiness. The great thing about wood is that it comes in many hues, textures and patterns. You can choose to match the wooden headboard design with the furniture in your bedroom to achieve a monotone look if you have a minimal theme in mind. 

Playful patterns in plywood work very well for children’s bedrooms. Plywood is a safe and popular choice for the ones who are looking for a bit of creativity with essential functionality, i.e. easy cleaning. Prop it with big pillows or give it a bit of padding for a cosy and comfortable backrest. Like they say when in doubt, go with wood.

Leather Headboard 

The leather headboard is a showstopper and makes an elegant statement in a bedroom design. Leather is brave, adventurous, and ages really well. Original leather comes in beautiful warm colours whereas faux leather comes with a vibrant palette. Although it is easy to maintain, it is not recommended for homes which are in hot and humid places because of fungus. 

Leather goes well with classy interiors and warm English decor. The leather headboard is best when it is in a well-ventilated master bedroom. Tufted and padded leather headboards come in many shapes and sizes and give one a feeling of a charming British home. bed headboard

Cushion Headboard 

Sinking into a warm bed is an amazing feeling, and resting your back against a cushioned headboard is nothing less than marvellous. Cushioned headboards are versatile, comfortable and highly customisable. You can match them with the decor of your room or the mattress, make the padding thick or medium according to your requirement. 

Cushion headboards are protective of your head and back, which makes it a go-to choice for the master bedroom as well as the kid’s bedroom. One can choose from a wall-mounted headboard or have it designed with a wooden headboard. 

bed headboard

Padded Wall Headboard 

Master bedrooms with good open space and ventilation look the best with padded wall headboards. Padded wall headboards can go all the way up the wall. It looks brilliant with soft padding and understated design aesthetics. It works well for the ones who like their bedroom to be a private zone with no distractions and maximum comfort. 

The padded wall headboard can serve as your canvas with a broad range of padding choices. You can choose from leather padding to textured cloth padding, different tufting patterns, minimalist designs of soft squares, dark colours or light colours- the variety is endless. 

bed headboard

DIY Headboard 

It is a statement piece, highly personal and it reflects the owner’s handiwork or sometimes even the entire family’s. Yes, it’s the DIY headboard. Most of the bohemian themed homes have this beautiful secret tucked in their bedrooms. A peek into one of them gives you a glimpse of innovation and true handwork of the owner. 

If you’re thinking of making one for your bedroom, sweat not, all you need is a few of your favourite materials and perhaps a little help from your carpenter. Cane, pellet wood, handwoven rugs, fairy lights, air plants etc. Let your imagination roll. Decide what you would like as your background- a lit headboard or a headboard that can support tiny succulents or a repurposed pallet. Create a mood board on Pinterest, browse through other inspirations, till you zero down on the look. bed headboard

While you mull over which headboard design to choose fro your bedroom, get in touch with our team at HomeLane to help you design a practical and aesthetic headboard. We’re just a call away! 



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