9 Reasons to Love Chalk Paints

The most versatile paint of all times, chalk paints are the newest family in town. A decorative paint that can be used on anything, starting from furniture to home decor, it is primarily used to give a matte, chalky, classy and chic finish to whatever you apply on. It is a superhit with DIY’ers and interior designers and is recognised by a soft matte finish that is impossible to get with regular paints. 

First developed by creative artist and interior designer Annie Sloan, it is often paired with soft wax, which helps seal the paint and give the surface a silkier and better finish. The best thing about chalk paints is that you can just keep away the sandpaper and skip the very tiring prep part. This is because, for chalk paints, all you need is a clean surface. So just wipe it clean, and you are ready to paint. 

When it comes to comparing chalk paints with regular paints, the advantages are many. Let us explore some of them below:

Chalk paints dry up in a woosh!

Give it an hour, and it will be all dry. However, it is best to let it dry for a night so that the paint becomes crack-free and the finish is perfect. Depending on how distressed you want the look to be, decide on the number of coats, and you are good to go!

No prepping

Like we mentioned earlier as well, chalk paints do not need prepping. Put away the sandpaper and primer. You get to completely skip the very time-consuming process of ripping the old paint off, and you can directly wipe off the surface and start painting. However, if the surface is a laminated one, you may want to rough it up a little so that the paint forms a good bond with the surface.

Easy to clean

Since chalk paints are latex-based, it is even more DIY friendly, as after painting all you require is water and soap to get the paint off your hand and brushes. It makes cleanup a fuss-free and hassle-free process, and it is done in no time.

Covers up your mistakes

When you are painting with chalk paints, any visible imperfections like missed out areas, visible brush strokes, etc. are all covered up naturally as it just adds to the rustic and distressed look. Typically known as a furniture paint, it forms a very nice bond with the furniture and makes it easier to paint the grooves and edges.

The most versatile paint!

Chalk paints are available in various varieties and forms; you can choose from a can, a bottle or a spray bottle as per your wish and comfort. Spraying is a better option if you want to paint your furniture because it can quickly get into the grooves, thereby creating a crack-free finish.

Refurbishing with chalk paint

With the advent of chalk paint, refurbishing your home interior has become a significantly less time consuming and a much simpler task. Repainting your grandma’s dresser is now the work of just an afternoon and you’re all set to give your home a new look. Below are some ways by which you can incorporate chalk paint in your home:

Chalk paint on furniture gives it a chic finish

You can make it look modern, traditional or anywhere in between. You don’t even need to paint the whole piece of furniture. Give your home furniture the required upgrade by painting it in stripes, half-half or whole, as per your wish and need. Paint your old dresser, the dining chairs, or the nightstand, and it will become as good as new.

Create various patterns or textures or just paint the floors with solid colours to add a splash of colours to your entire decor or just colour coordinate.

chalk paint furniture

Create a piece of art

Instead of throwing away those old beer bottles, get creative and paint those bottles with chalk paints. You can quickly adapt it to match the decor of your house, and within no time those waste bottles will be adorned by everyone. You can even pick up a piece of cardboard, cut it out maybe of the letter of your name and spray it with some paint. You can decorate almost anything with this paint.

DIY chalk paint art

Paint some fabric

Chalk paint on fabric is the next best thing after chalk paint on home furniture. Paint your tote or basket bag, the fabric of your sofa and change the look of the house instantly or even paint your curtains. Create your own designs and refresh the decor of your house using these paints!

chalk paint furnitureThis weekend, take your decor game a notch up and redecorate your house. We hope we have given you enough inspiration and ideas to create your own designs. Experiment with various colours and patterns and turn the old into new. So what are you waiting for? Visit HomeLane to find the colour/s that suits you and your home interior the best and get going already!

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