8 Interior Design Trends You Should Follow this Winter

Winter is still months away but that doesn’t mean you can’t get inspired by the interior design trends that’s about to come. This year is unique in the sense that we’ve all had to stay indoors most days due to the pandemic. If you’ve been itching to change up your space and do something exciting, here are some winter interior design trends you should consider implementing.

1. Olive green

A color that’s been making waves in the interior design world this season is olive green, although it can also be interchanged with pistachio green or dusty green as well. What makes this ideal for the winter is that it’s neither warm or cold. It’s neutral and  can be incorporated into your home decor whether it’s on a corner wall, your headboard, or the living room cabinet. 

2. Classic blues

Another color you can expect to see more this winter season is the classic blue. Think deep shades like midnight blue, royal blue, and indigo. These work well with natural wood accents and can even complement your holiday decorations. 

3. Wood elements

Speaking of wood, accents and finishes made of this material are also going to be big in the winter season. Wood gives off a warming effect that’s perfect for this cold season. You can incorporate this trend by bringing in a wood side table or installing wood panels. However, if these projects are too big, you can opt for more simple solutions like using warm hues in your cushions and textiles. Think cinnamon, terracotta, and caramel. These are earth colors that add a warm touch to your interior. 

4. Stylish candles

Another way to add warmth into your home is by adding stylish candles. The days are shorter during the winter season so not only are candles a good decor addition, they’re also good to use for those long nights. Don’t just stop at scented candles. You can make it look prettier by putting the candle on an intricate vase or  a candle holder. 

5. Metallic and mirrored surfaces

This winter, you’ll see the emergence of metallic accents and mirrored details. These elements are great for bringing more shine into the home. It also acts as a great contrast to the warm elements you’ve added into your home such as the rugs, pillows, candles, and wood. 

6. Modern area rug

The area rug has been gaining traction lately and it’s about to become more ubiquitous in living rooms this winter season. Who doesn’t love the feeling of warm fabric on their feet? To do this trend right, you want to get just the right-sized rug. It can’t be too small nor too big. It should be just wide enough that it’s able to include the front legs of your surrounding furniture. 

7. Pop of colors in the kitchen

Pops of color in interior design has been around since 2019 but this year, we are about to see it more in kitchens. Be careful not to overdo this trend. You only want to choose a few elements to incorporate these bold colors. For example, you can go for daring colors in items like the cabinets or the kitchen island. The key is to not go crazy by putting bright colors on everything.

8. Cozy but functional

We’ve grown accustomed to staying indoors which means that coziness is very important. Sectional sofas have become a big design trend this year and it’s about to get even bigger during the winter season. In addition to being comfortable, function is also important. People have had time to evaluate what they need and don’t need in their homes, and furniture that serves several purposes is definitely worth keeping. 

Which of these winter interior design trends are you most excited to try? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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