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Bathroom is the place where and whenever someone want to use it, the every first thing to be noticed while entering into the bathroom or toilet is the cleanliness and then odour. It feels very embarrassing and disgusting when a guest or visitor entered into the bathroom and experienced the pungent bad smell which creates a very bad negative image or impression towards that guests.

Sometimes frequently washing the bathrooms and toilets never works effectively to get rid of bad bathroom odours. Here this article reveals the effective tips to vanish the noxious smell from your bathrooms. After working out according to our given tips one will always like to go to the bathroom frequently and with these tips one can easily combat bathroom odors.


1. Prompt cleaning:

The very first thing to combat bad odor from bathroom wash or clean your bathroom promptly and deeply with the help of baking soda solution. For making baking soda solution take 4tablespoon of baking soda and mix it with water, apply thin layer of this condensed solution on the or under the seat, on the sides or basin, tap holders and on the floor sides. Leave it for few seconds and then wash it with normal tap water. The baking soda helps in removing all the greasy layers and hard water scars from your bathroom easily and effectively in a one single snap.

2. Antacid spray:

For having fresh vibes add two antacid tablets into the bowl. Let it froth for 20minutes, fill that liquid into the spray bottle. Let it spray all over the stinky places of your bathroom. This will help in riding of bad odor and your bathroom will be free from any awkward smell.

3. Ventilation:

Make sure that your bathroom should have a ventilation path like proper window in a bathroom and while plumbing the sewerage path of your bathroom should have proper ventilation main sewer path/way. The ventilators or window of the bathroom should always be open to let all the stinky smell bombs out.

4. Use of desiccants:

Use of desiccants also helps in combating bad smell. Because of the continuous moisture environment in the bathroom the mildew smell will starts prevailing everywhere in the bathroom. So desiccants can helps in absorbing all the moisture from your bathroom and helps in removing unpleasant smell. Desiccants are sometimes artificially synthetic made with silica gel and sometimes made with organic lily and ferns it’s ridiculous for human health so keep the container of these desiccants out of the range of children.

bamboo charcoal1

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5. Avoid the clogged drains and bathroom tanks:

Clogged drains and bathroom tanks might also be the reason of pungent smell. Because of the stagnant water in the toilet/ bathroom tanks and clogged drain the bathroom will be bombed with noxious smell. To avoid this unclogged the drain and flush tanks with the help of vinegar and baking soda solution. Pour the vinegar and baking solution into the drain and flush tank ,rest it for 30 minutes and then flush it out with the splendid flow of water. Unclogged the drain with coca cola also. Pour coca cola into the drain and get rid of clogged drain.

6. DIY air freshener spray for bathrooms:

Use of air freshener spray can also be somehow productive for eliminating the bad odour. Make your own desired air freshener sprays for your bathroom for having fascinating fresh vibes while using bathroom. Take two tablespoon of rubbing alcohol in ¾ cup of water and add 6 to 7 drops of essential oils of your own choice of fragrance i.e. lavender, rose, jasmine, orange, mint etc. pour that spray into the spray bottle and spindrift into the bathroom whenever you want.

7. Use of bamboo charcoal:

bamboo charcoal

The bamboo charcoal has the ability to absorb all the toxic chemical odors and mildew so place the bamboo charcoal in your bathroom to avoid any smell or moisture in your bathroom.

So there are thousands and thousands of other ways too in eliminating the noxious smell, all of the above mentioned tips are so worthy for it. Clean your bathroom on daily bases, lighten up the scented candles even make sure that your bathroom towels should be dry properly while place them in a bathroom and air dry your bath mats too. Increase the flow of air and ventilation in your bathroom, use the exhaust fan and air purifier to clear out your bathroom and toilet from fetid smell.

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