7 Recommendations For Sports Clothes For Muslim Women

A Muslim woman wants to be healthy, why should she be confused? to dress in sports,

This is a recommendation for comfortable Muslim sports clothes

No need to worry, because you can try some recommendations for Muslim women’s sportswear below.

.1 HIA Every Wear

The first recommendation you can try is HIA Every Wear. HIA Every Wear claims to be the first athleisure brand in Indonesia.

The concept of “everywhere” is HIA Every Wear’s way of designing Muslim women’s sportswear that is comfortable, simple, and still stylish.

One of them is the Briandra Oversized Top whose length reaches the thigh area. The types of materials used, such as tercose or premium baby terry, feel soft, light, breathable, and have good sweat absorption.

In addition to tops, there are also shirt and pants suits, hoodies, sports headscarves, leggings skirts, and jackets.

.2 Nusseyba

If you’re looking for a Muslim sportswear that doesn’t shape your body, Nusseyba is the answer. The product you can choose is the Yusra Sport Set which consists of a long skirt and a hoodie jacket.

The material is baby terry because it absorbs sweat and is antibacterial. In addition to suits, there are also instant hijabs (bergo) of varying lengths.

.3 Noore Sport

Want to look different when you exercise? You can try this brand of Muslim women’s sportswear from Bandung.

Each collection uses technology that functions to protect the skin from UV rays, keep it dry, prevent bacteria that cause body odor, and maintain body temperature.

Some of the collection choices are oversized tops, jackets, hoodies, cycling clothes, Muslim swimwear, and also sports hijab.

.4 Levierra Modest

Another Muslim sportswear that you can also choose is Levierra Modest. In addition to offering loose tops, sports pants, and sports headscarves, there is also a choice of Muslim swimwear.

Levierra’s Muslim sportswear uses nylon and elasthane material so that it feels comfortable, flexible, and allows the body to move freely.

While the swimsuit is added with technology that can protect the skin from the dangers of chlorine and UV rays.

.5 Fiz Active

Fiz Active Sportwear claims to be quality Muslim sportswear that can be used for various body shapes.

Uniquely, the material used contains tourmaline stones which are claimed to help the body’s metabolism.

In addition, the material is antibacterial, quick-drying, and breathable. There are many color choices, from neutral to colorful

.6 Nay Sportswear

Another local brand that focuses on issuing collections of Muslim women’s swimwear and sportswear. The collection is suitable for those of you who want to look polite and stylish at the same time.

Moreover, most of the collections use materials with Dri-Fit technology so they dry quickly after sweating.

Apart from swimsuits and sports suits, there are also other collections such as sports hijab, hoodies, and leggings.

.7 TD Active

Although it doesn’t specifically sell sportswear for Muslim women, TD Active has quite a number of Muslim-friendly options that you can also try.

Not only limited to long tops, there are also sports hijabs of various variations, hoodies, long jackets, and leggings skirts.

Moreover, the TD Active collection is simple, colorful, and has unique materials. Namely, materials with the instadry ability to absorb sweat and keep the body dry.