6 Ways to Get Your Property in Shape to Sell for a Better Price

When you are selling a house preparing it for viewers and potential buyers (including COVID-safe virtual viewings) is essential. Not only can property in a good shape be sold faster, but it can be thousands of dollars more valuable. It’s natural you want to achieve the highest sale price possible, but it’s completely normal to feel a bit confused and stressed-out in these situations. Don’t worry, we got your back! There are many tested ways to squeeze a little extra value from your property. You just need to make a plan! By creating a great first impression you and your house will stand out in the eyes of prospective buyers. Follow this simple guide and you will sell your property quickly and for the best price.

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1. Declutter

Decluttering your space before showing it to potential buyers is pretty logical. Make sure you get rid of all the excess stuff that has accumulated and put it in a storage unit, give it away, or sell it. However, it’s important not to depersonalize your house while getting rid of excess stuff. One of the most valuable tips for selling your house is to show people how it feels to live there. It should never feel sterile, so don’t make it look like a generic hotel. Leave some personal style and make it easy for the viewers to imagine their future life in the house. This can also give unimaginative buyers inspiration and suggestions as to what they might do to decorate the space and make it their own.

Another cool trick is to remove bulky furniture and replace it with smaller pieces. Bulky furniture can easily make the room feel smaller than it really is. 

2. Freshly Painted

Painting your walls isn’t only hygienic but it also makes your home look super clean and fresh. Experts recommend choosing a neutral paint. It will make space seem bigger and lighter and enable viewers to imagine ways to adapt rooms to their needs more easily. It’s certainly easier for a buyer to move in in a neutral painted space, than if the walls were lime green or purple.

3. Fix And Clean

Holes in walls, cracked tiles, broken doorknobs, and torn carpets don’t really look appealing to anyone, especially the potential buyer. Be sure to make any minor repairs necessary, so that the buyers can move in without having to do it themselves. 

Clean everything and make it sparkle. Wax wooden floors, clean and repair tile grout, get rid of limescale and any odors, and hang up fresh towels. A tidy garden can make a huge difference. Clean the patio and furniture and cut the grass and bushes. You want the viewers to visualize themselves sitting in the garden and enjoying. 

4. Update The Kitchen

Did you know that the kitchen is the most valuable room in a house? It can make a big difference when buyers are unsure because it is worth the most per square foot. But don’t worry, you don’t have to install new cabinetry. Refacing the cabinets is much cheaper and often as effective. On the other hand, upgrading the countertops is a bit pricey, but it’s worth it and it will add serious value to your property.

Your kitchen will look best if you declutter the surfaces and take out any bulky appliances. Leaving a ball of fruit is a nice decoration.

Don’t forget to upgrade the plumbing fixtures and white goods. This can make your property sell much faster.

5. Light And Airy

Here are a few suggestions on how to make your space feel airy, light, and refreshed:

  • Put lamps in any dark corner. Don’t forget the bathroom. If you put a soft lamp in the bathroom it will create a warm glow.
  • Put some wall mirrors, especially in small rooms and hallways. Mirrors make rooms look much lighter and bigger.
  • Clean your windows and replace any broken light bulbs. The property that feels airy and light is usually more attractive.

6. Make It Look Pretty

Consider decorating your space with house plants. Plants and flowers give life, light, and color to a room, not to mention they smell wonderful and have numerous health benefits. Invest in some blinds or curtains because naked windows may make space feel generic. A nice, bright-colored rug is also a good idea.

If it’s cold outside-light a fire! Burn pine cones for a wonderful smell and make your house feel warm and inviting.

If you follow these tips we guarantee you will sell your house in no-time and get the best price possible. Selling a property doesn’t have to be stressful and overwhelming. You can make it fun and enjoy the journey. 

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