6 Amazing DIY Flower Arrangement Ideas

Flowers are a fantastic way to decorate your home and fill it with a subtle, yet pleasant, scent. Whether you purchased the flowers yourself, or someone got some flowers for you, they can instantly boost the elegance and style of a room.

While many people will elect to simply put their flowers in a standard vase, why not get a little creative by building a DIY flower arrangement? These can transform a space, and allow you to express and show off your creativity.

These can improve the look of your office or living room, as well as simply be fun to build and create. But what sorts of arrangements should you consider creating to take your space to the next level? Well, that is exactly what this blog post is going to take a closer look at.

Mix and Match Your Flowers

The first DIY arrangement tip is a fairly simple one, but can yield incredible results. Instead of putting a bouquet of the same flowers into a vase like most people do, why not mix and match some different flowers? This can help you create a beautiful arrangement, and you have the freedom to use any types of flowers you’d like.

Some flowers look wonderful together, while others don’t, but the experimentation process is all part of the fun. Don’t hesitate to also get creative with the vase that you use, as well. Once you open up your mind a little from the norms, you can see there is a lot of potential out there for creating one-of-a-kind arrangements that are sure to wow everyone who sees them.

An arrangement can still be basic at its core, but be spruced up by using different types of flowers and putting them in a different shape and style of vase.

Get Rustic

If you love earthy tones and a rustic style suits you, why not create a floral arrangement that reflects that? These are several things you likely have laying around, or can buy for a very cheap price, that can house an incredible arrangement. This includes old metal water cans, an older drawer to a dresser, a metal pot and dozens of others.

While this isn’t for everyone, it can look incredible in many homes. Also, using rustic containers around your yard and garden can also be a good idea. As for what flowers to use in these rustic containers and holders, you have a lot of options. You could go with some bright flowers to offset the muted container, or also choose flowers that are a little more subtle in color.

Don’t Disregard Floral Foam

A big part of creating a great floral arrangement is the positioning of the flowers the right way. In many cases, this can be difficult as many flowers fail to remain in the position you put them in. That is, unless you use floral foam. This is a little foam cube that lets you maintain better control over how your arrangement will look.

By sticking your flowers into this cube, it can keep them in position longer, so you can achieve your desired look for the arrangement. Floral foam can also help your arrangements to look more full, which is great for larger pieces like table centerpieces.

Unfortunately, floral foam doesn’t exactly look the most appealing in your arrangement. Thankfully, there are some ways that you can hide it. They come in different colors and shades to fit in with your arrangement, and if you use a vase that isn’t see-through, it can hide them as well.

Go Big or Go Home

When creating your own floral arrangement from scratch, don’t feel the need to always create something sleek. In some cases, a large arrangement can be more appealing and attractive in your space. Creating a larger arrangement can be as easy as positioning your flowers in a way that helps them sprawl up and out, instead of being pushed all the way to the base of the vase.

Also, using some flowers that are taller can also add a sense of uniqueness to your arrangement. Larger arrangements are generally more eye-catching as well and can really complete a space.

This is especially true if you are creating your DIY flower arrangement for an event. Whether it is a wedding, a party or even a family reunion, a nice large arrangement can create a dramatic effect and serve as a talking or gathering point, as well.

Get Creative With Some Dried Flowers

While many people use fresh or live flowers in their arrangements, that isn’t a necessity. Not only do they often die relatively quickly and need to be replaced, but there are other options out there. If you want to create something a little different, consider using dried flowers.

Dried flowers and plants will last longer, and can be great for places with a neutral color palette. They are generally more subtle, but can be great for every season. There are several different ways you can dry your flowers, so try out a few and see which one delivers the best results for your needs. In general, air-drying often produces some great results for those looking to make an arrangement with dried flowers.

Match the Floral Arrangements to Art or Decor

While floral arrangements are essentially like a piece of art, you also need to ensure that they mesh well with the existing art and decor in your home. For best results, you should try and match some of the colors in your arrangement to the colors of the room it will be put in.

A nice piece of art with purple shades, paired with a floral arrangement featuring purple flowers can really help bring a room together. These don’t have to be perfect, but if their bright colors clash with the bright colors of existing art, wall color or furniture, it can be a little visually jarring.

In conclusion, we hope this selection of stylish flower arrangements have been able to inspire you to take the look of your living room, kitchen or even bathroom to the next level.

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