5 Ways to Navigate Modern Interior Design

The simplicity in modern interior design has given this trend everlasting relevance in the design world. Featuring clean and crisp lines, modern-designed homes often exude simplicity, yet they are comfortable and cozy. A modernistic interior is not only limited to a specific style, allowing you to experiment and inject your personality into the overall look of the space.

These days, modern look is often coveted in many homes that feature a wide range of style narratives. If you need inspiration, here are some ways to navigate interior design, and come up with a stunning masterpiece.

  1. Be Sustainable

Most of the modern design trends of today are focused more on minimizing one’s carbon footprint by opting for energy-efficient lighting and appliances, minimizing waste, and ditching non-recyclable materials in favor of sustainable ones. Going eco-friendly will not only give us peace of mind, but it also allows us to use affordable materials that are of excellent quality. We now live in a society where going green is not only super trendy but also budget friendly.

LED lighting is your best bet when it comes to infusing sustainability in modern interior lighting. Gone are the days where incandescent bulbs and fluorescent lights are the norms. These days, home designers are going for stunning light fixtures that will last longer, cut down energy costs, and save the environment.

Another popular trend when it comes to incorporating sustainability into modern design interiors is using recycled materials and vintage finds. Decorating with vintage pieces is a great way to infuse some old-world charm into a modern living space. Furthermore, investing in furniture and fixtures made from dark wood is one way to revamp your home into something sustainable and stylish.

Much of the modern design trends feature clean and smooth lines. In fact, the most important characteristic of modern design is minimalism. To say that less is more might be a bit of a cliché but having clean and subtle designs is actually better for your home’s resale value.

To stick with the minimalism concept, be mindful of the furniture pieces you buy. Choose those that will not clutter the space. Avoid accessories that are too detailed or furniture pieces that have too many ornate embellishments in them. These things will prevent the eye from moving seamlessly from line to line, which is against the concept of a minimalistic design.

When it comes to the color, go for neutral hues, such as black, white, beige, or grey. Avoid having too many clashing colors as this can bewilder the space. But this does not necessarily mean you need to stay away from bold colors. Modern design trends can also include some pops of color, but they should complement the rest of your design scheme. Try pairing neutral colors with bright accents. Incorporate bright colors in the form of artwork, furniture, and accessories. Just make sure you maintain a good balance of neutrals and accents to preserve modern aesthetics.

Given the fierce competition in the home design industry these days, a lot of designers would venture out of the norm by coming up with bolder designs to stand out in the crowd. While a lot of the avant-garde modern design trends look great and impressive, they are not too practical and won’t appeal to many. When it comes to designing your home, try to strike a balance between style and practicality. You can still make your space look stylish without going over the top.

Practicality is even more important if you have a tiny space, such as those living in small apartments London or Manchester. Even if you live outside of London and Manchester in an area where you will get slightly more space, for example Cheshire, getting a reputable company to help you installing fitted wardrobes in Cheshire will still add value to the property. So be clever with the use of space, especially in the kitchen. Make use of all the extra spaces surrounding the counter and those bulky appliances. Aim for a look that is both appealing and functional. Since modern design trends are all about minimalism, opt for light or neutral colors for the wall in your kitchen. This will give the room a feeling of openness, which is a desirable characteristic for a modern designed kitchen.

Lighting fixtures are the most important element in interior design. Aside from illuminating the space, they help to make your interiors look great. Thus, they are both functional and decorative pieces. For modern interior design trends, a fairly large lighting fixture will work best. Having fewer but larger lighting elements is the best way to stick to the minimalistic design concept, which is what’s important in a modern space.

Modern lighting is also about clarity and geometry. It focuses on making the room look brighter than it is, giving clarity and a feeling of openness to the space. The geometry aspect refers to the designs and shapes that are often associated with modern lighting style, which include cubes, curves, circles, and polygons. Combining clarity and geometry into your lighting fixtures will give your modern interiors the sophistication that they are known for.

A bespoke design focuses on precision and detail by delivering everything that a client could want, including the small details. Going bespoke will add a whole new degree of individuality to your space. The concept of bespoke is to make even the tiniest details special to each specific room, such as the kitchen. Although readymade kitchen furniture pieces are cost-effective, they don’t make the best use of space and are often too common. You might feel like a bespoke kitchen in and around London will cost you too dearly but actually, say, for example, is you were to go for a bespoke kitchen in Sussex, it actually won’t cost you more than if you lived in the north of England. If you go for bespoke furniture, you’ll give your kitchen a unique character, which is one of the most desirable selling points of a home.

Another benefit of going bespoke is that it allows you to express your personality. The easiest way to convey your personality into your interior design is through the color scheme. But don’t just infuse your favorite colors all over the space as it might look out of place. If you’re aiming for a modern minimalistic design, better stick to neutral colors that you fancy.

There are many other ways you can express your personality through bespoke interior design, such as through the lighting, patterns, textures, and furniture. The key is to come up with a style that’s specific to your tastes and preferences while still maintaining modern aesthetics.

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