5 Trendy Products To Update Your Home

Whether you just moved into a new home or you’re in a place you’ve called your own for a while, it’s always special when you infuse the space with your own personality and some trendy touches. Not only do these unique touches make your home feel more inviting and warm, but they carry your style. 

Having your own home is great, however hand-picking the right products for the décor is most often the thing that will give you that sense of accomplishment. 

Here are some eye catching  trendy products:

Source: GalaxyLamps

There’s no better way to add instant charm into any room than with this magical moon lamp that levitates freely in the air as if it were the real moon! 

This patented design created in line with authentic NASA satellite imagery has used the most advanced 3D technology to give it a surface decorated with craters just like the moon itself. It charges wirelessly, so you don’t have to deal with cables. And you can effortlessly turn the inner LED lamp on or off instantly.

Supported by the unseen weightless force of gravity, this levitating moon lamp that calmly hangs midair offers the same consistency and dreamy mystical feel just like the real moon. It is a great addition to any room.

 In a dimly lit room it’ll display an amazing diffuse light and in a brightly lit room, it’ll still create curiosity with its texture, warm colours and the surprising midair suspension.

Source: Woodendot

This is a nice accessory with gentle curves and an eye-catching design that has been skillfully built to give an impression of wingspan like a Pelican poised to take a flight. It conceals the hooks in a clever manner and is useful for organizing various things around the house.

It can be mounted just about anywhere inside your home: hallways, living room or bedroom and it comes in multiple adaptable sizes.  

Source: Wayfair

This famous spiral named after the railroad in south-central California gives an excellent touch of finish to consoles, shelves or any other space that needs a little decorative element.

This trendy orb is made out of distressed metal that forms a series of circles overlapping each other. It can be awash in a deep brown or black finish with an extra bronze layer where the overlapping loops join. 

Source: Wayfair

Accent mirrors are a stylish statement piece that can comfortably improve your home irrespective of where you want to adorn it. Whether it’s above the fireplace, in your dining space, in the hallway, it can really emphasize any space by reflecting the colour contrasts in your house.

Besides this, these ostentatious accessories are great at reflecting light in your home and opening up spaces to look larger than they really are.

Source: Kimisty

Displaying white accessories makes a space seem airy and warm. These white ceramic vases are a trendy theme especially when they’re displayed together against a bright colored wall such as a blue or bright yellow one. This contrast offers your space an impactful effect.

They create a strong focal point and the beauty of these white vases is that they can be grouped with other white accessories such as bowls or candles to create that elegant aspect that delights us all.

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