5 Trendy Interior Design Ideas To Upgrade Your Tiny Bathroom

According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association, the current bathroom trends have shifted from the traditional design to a comfortable spa-like interior. This goes to show how homeowners are leaning towards a stylish bath space that can offer both comfort and functional bath features. But what happens if you’re confined to a tiny home with minimal floor space? Here are five trendy interior design ideas to help you upgrade your tiny bathroom. 

Use a big mirror 

If you have a tiny bathroom, installing a big mirror can be helpful in more ways than one. For a small and somewhat cramped space, opt for a wall-to-wall mirror. This will give the illusion of a larger room. Not to mention, a full-length mirror will enhance the overall aesthetic of the bathroom.

Choose a bright color 

One of the best tips in the industry is to paint your bathroom with a light shade. In fact, enhancing the wall color will make your bathroom appear to have more space. Using bright tones will give the illusion that your bathroom is less cramped. If bright yellows don’t fit your style, a shade of off-white cream or stark ivory can do the trick for you. In addition, another effective way to execute this is by installing large, light-colored tiles. 

Add an indoor plant 

You do not need to have a spacious bathroom to add indoor plants. Many plants can perfectly fit your bathroom corner just by hanging them or adding them to your shelf. Not only do they add a playful and vibrant splash of colors, but indoor plants can also improve air quality. For example, asparagus ferns love the humidity and require moderate to minimal sunlight. 

Add a shower niche 

Small bathrooms do not really allow you the luxury of storing many bath products. It is also hard to keep things in order if you have little room to move around. So if you plan to remodel your bathroom, then make sure to include a shower niche when you have it done. 

Not only does it make your shower look neat and tidy, but a shower niche also does not take up a lot of space. This makes it both functional and stylish at the same time. 

Install a floating ledge shelf

As much as possible, you want to forego large and bulky furniture. It will only reduce the moving space inside the bathroom. Opt for useful space-saving substitutes. For example, instead of drawers and cabinets, install a narrow ledge to store your bath products. To maximize space, look for a shelf that stretches your bathroom’s entire length. 

Skip the struggles of living in a tiny home and embrace the space you’ve got. Follow these tips to help you add some flair in your bathroom with these five unique design tips.

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