5 Key Reasons That Made Tempered Glass Highly Recommended for Bathroom Decor

Bathroom spaces are made exquisite and appealing with the use of sophisticated and elegant glass. There are numerous applications of translucent and trendy glass in the bathroom, and it is commonly found in shower enclosures, shelves, cabinets, wall mirrors, and bathroom windows. Homeowners do also share the luxury to select from several unique types of glass including ordinary glass, tempered glass, laminated glass, and many other glass types.

The inclusion of a decorative glass décor element can truly revamp the outlook of the interior space and make the bathroom look spacious and airy. Besides this, the incredible translucency and light transmission properties of glass help it illuminate every nook & corner of the bathroom space. Keeping all this in view and the amazing visual beauty of glass, there is no better way to modernize your bathroom than by incorporating glass.

However, homeowners are still a bit confused when it comes to selecting the perfect type of glass for the bathroom. There are tons of glass options and types and design enthusiasts often wonder which type suits their bathroom the best. In truth, the most popular and best glass type for bathrooms has always been tempered glass and here we will discuss five reasons why we recommend decorating your bathroom space with the tempered or toughened glass. 

  1. The bathroom is one of the high risky places for using ordinary glass

Ordinary glass is certainly a great visual option to renovate the bathroom but is surely the least safe one. The traditional glass is renowned for its fragility and shatters into sharp and dangerous glass shards on breakage. This makes it the worst possible glass type for the bathroom where accidents or slippages are always a risk. The contemporary bathrooms require a glass type that is strong, durable, and also pleasing to the eye. That’s the reason why toughened glass is one of the best bathroom glass types as it augments the standards of safety in the bathroom space.  

In addition to this, the best thing about toughened glass is it augments safety and durability without compromising on translucency, visual appeal, and other amazing characteristics of glass. Homeowners with tempered or toughened glass bathroom wall mirrors, shelves, and other décor elements can take a deep sigh of relief as even on breakage it possesses no safety risks due to its exceptional breaking behavior. 

  1. Large glass shower doors must use tempered glass

While decorating your bathroom space with something exceptional and spectacular such as large glass shower doors, it is never a wise idea to compromise on strength & safety. You need to ensure that such décor elements are designed and built with durability in mind and the best way to do so is by opting for toughened glass. With the right glass type, you no longer need to worry about frequent breakage and replacement of the large shower screens. 

In truth, it is the industry standard to use tempered glass in large glass shower doors as it provides high strength, safety, and durability. These glasses can also be customized in a variety of unique shapes and this adds to the incredible design versatility of toughened glass. Not to forget, the toughened glass shower doors are also easy to clean and simple to maintain. Commonly, homemade cleaners work the best for cleaning the large glass shower doors. 

  1. Youngsters are excited to kick like Bruce Lee even in Bathroom

With a high-strength and strong glass in the bathroom, you no longer need to worry about the safety of your beloved little ones. They can have fun in the bathroom, play in the tub, or practice martial arts like Bruce Lee in front of the large bathroom mirror without having to worry about causing serious damage to themselves. The toughened glass is relatively 3-4 times stronger than the ordinary glass and its strength can also be increased by increasing the thickness of the glass. 

Mounted firmly on the walls, large bathroom mirrors made with tempered or toughened glass are certainly safe and sound. These toughened mirrors are also used in bathroom cabinets and the front door of the wardrobe. In addition to this, if you need a storage or accessibility solution, you can opt for tempered or toughened glass wall shelves to satisfy your need for storage without compromising on safety. 

  1. The tempered glass inside bathroom enhance the value of whole property

Besides improved strength, safety, and durability, the tempered glass sheets also help enhance the value of the property. Homebuyers highly value homes with durable décor elements as they are likely to last longer and cuts down the need for frequent replacement. A chic and trendy bathroom designs play a key role in influencing homebuyers and encouraging them to go ahead with the deal. 

In this way, renovating your bathroom space with toughened glass not only has strength, safety, and durability benefits but also helps enhance your home value. Simple investments like these make your home look apart in the marketplace and helps you sell your home at the best price. 

  1. Tempered glass adds better colors and lights in bathroom space

Lastly, tempered or toughened glass leaves behind all the other glass types with its high-end customizability and design versatility. Homeowners no longer need to stick to conventional glass designs and they can easily personalize their bathroom space with toughened glass. The incredible translucency and light transmission characteristics of toughened glass bring all the colors in the bathroom space to come to life. Homeowners no need to worry about using multiple glass panes that restrict the ingress of light as toughened glass’s strength is achieved by the unique process of tempering.

This makes tempered glass the most highly preferred and recommended glass type for every bathroom décor need. It is certainly a bit more expensive than the ordinary glass but it turns out to be a more economical choice in the long run. The cheap ordinary glass requires frequent replacement and this adds to the overall maintenance cost of the conventional glass. On the other hand, tempered or toughened glass is a one-time investment that requires no such frequent replacement due to its high-strength and better durability. 

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