5 Great Renovation Ideas for Small Kitchens

Is your kitchen so ‘blah’ that you don’t feel inspired to step in, let alone try out those exotic recipes saved on your phone? If you thought that your tiny modular kitchen cannot be upgraded because of its size, age or any other factor, you are mistaken, dear reader. Our team has gathered some quick-fixes and interior design ideas to inspire you to renovate your small kitchen.

The point of renovating your tiny kitchen is not just to employ design tricks that will make your space appear larger (which there are a few of and we will be spilling the beans here), its to embrace your kitchen as it is. The obvious thought is to go light and sleek, but what if you go for cosy instead? Country-chic anyone? How about a cosy nook to grab breakfast with your loved one? You could pick out a dark, intense shade for a sexy outcome. Your kitchen may be small, but make sure it makes a big impact style-wise.

1. Open Shelves

The best way to display your crockery sets and cutlery is to introduce the concept of open shelves in your kitchen. Having too many cabinets (uppers in particular) will make your small kitchen feel claustrophobic and crowded. Place your utensils and other items in the open and flaunt them. This will not only make your kitchen look more spacious, but it will also add oodles of colour to the space, especially if you have ceramics and bone china crockery sets. If you are going the open-shelving-way, do remember that you have to be extremely organized because you cannot hurriedly stuff your cupboards anymore. You’ll always have to be mindful when you work in the kitchen and you should also get yourself some equipment that will help you keep your kitchen organized and pretty like pot racks, magnetic knives and spice holders for example.

2. Mix-and-Match Materials

Another great design idea for small kitchen renovations is using different kinds of materials in the kitchen. If you are opting for a granite counter-top, make sure that it goes well with the colour of the cabinets. This will give your kitchen a coordinated look and also visually expand the kitchen. To make your kitchen look more unique and less like it was directly pulled from a catalogue, use wood, metals and laminates in a way that balances the overall kitchen space. Try different materials in unexpected ways. For example, the same wood is used as a countertop and on the island in a very different way. Break the rules and use materials in ways you would have never thought of before.White Modular Kitchen

3. Include Glass

A little glass goes a long way for a small kitchen renovation. Glass is the makeover tool that will help in the visual expansion of your kitchen space. A glass island counter-top or glass doors for the cabinets can make your kitchen look open, bright and spacious.

Modular Kitchen with Glass4. Light up the Kitchen

Lighting plays a very important role in defining the size and mood of any room in your home, and the kitchen is no exception. Simply installing yellow hue light on the ceiling of your kitchen may create shadows in the space beneath the cabinets. This could make your kitchen look dark and dreary. So in addition to ceiling lights (or even instead of it), you could install lights under the cabinet base that point towards your counter-top and bring your cooking to the spotlight. This kind of lighting definitely increases the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen. Light Up Kitchen

5. Colour Choice

Choice of colours plays a vital role in making any space appear spacious or cramped. Go for pastels rather than bright hues in your small kitchen to make it look more spacious and less stuffy. Painting the walls white and cabinets in a bold colour will also make your kitchen look not just spacious but stylish as well.Bold Colour Modular Kitchen

Now that we have enlightened you on how to renovate your tiny kitchen with some amazing design ideas, get started with your modular kitchen and embrace the small footprint. For more interior decorating advice, visit or call HomeLane.

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