How to make your small parallel kitchen huge?

Gone are the times when the kitchen was one of the largest rooms in a home. In most urban homes today, the kitchen is the smallest room. However, the importance of the kitchen has not decreased with its size. It is still one of the most important rooms in most homes, where the family meals are cooked lovingly. Hence, it is essential that the kitchen is lively and at the same time functional.

The most common type of small kitchen that you see in today’s homes is the parallel kitchen, with two countertops on both sides and a passage in the middle. Here we put across some ideas to make your parallel kitchen look more prominent.

How to Make Your Small Parallel Kitchen Huge?

Most think that not much can be done for small kitchens. But, while functionality is essential, a stunning kitchen can lift the look of the entire house. So let us look at some ideas that would help make your parallel kitchen look more prominent and stylish.

Go for Classic White

If there is one colour you can completely trust to brighten and make your kitchen appear bigger, it is white. White is a colour that is

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How to Use a Christmas Stencil and Use it on a Piece of Wood to Create a Home Décor Item? » Residence Style

We have stepped into the New Year, and Christmas is a long wait. However, when it comes to the spirit of Christmas, you can always tap into it anytime. The bright reds and whites bring in the sense of joy, merriment, and positivity that everyone wants to count on to lead a happy life. If you failed to create any Christmas art décor, you can still do it now. And for that, you don’t have to go overboard. You can do it with stencil art and have your best Christmas art décor ready. 

Are you thinking about how to get started? All you need is a set of Christmas stencils for painting on wood reusable. And in this article, we will help you guide you through the entire process. 

Select the wood piece

It’s essential to select the wood piece on which you wish to execute your Christmas art. And this wood piece should be a robust wood piece that is made of teak wood or ordinary wood that is available. Additionally, you can also use a spare piece of wood that you have in your house. It could also be a part of an old table that you

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