Pune Home: Cultural Tones With A Contemporary Vibe Interior

Pune, known for its educational institutions, and booming employment opportunities in IT, automotive and service industries have attracted people from all over India. This has led to a cosmopolitan culture in the city, a fast-developing infrastructure, and a modern housing landscape. Architecture and interior design in Pune have always been vibrant and practical to suit the times, as it is today as well.

Traditional Home Designs in Pune

Pune home design has typically been native in design with influences from neighbouring areas, and purely functional. This was true even in the Wadas which were built more than 350 years ago at the height of the glory of the Maratha empire. These were mansions with the courtyard design meant to house multiple families and safeguard them from outsiders. The design was an amalgamation of Mughal, Rajasthani, and Gujarati architecture combined with local techniques. These Wadas later inspired smaller Wada-style houses in the 1900s, followed by multi-family buildings and independent bungalows.

Since the 2000s, these old bungalows and Wadas have been rapidly replaced by apartments and townships. Pune homeowners increasingly prefer compact apartments in smarter townships or independent bungalows as opposed to conventional developments.

Interior Design Trends in Modern Pune Homes


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Moving to Qatar? here’s how to rent an apartment in Qatar » Residence Style

Qatar- an economically strong and flourished country is home to people belonging to different nationalities besides the Qatari citizens. According to statistics, emigrants outnumber the group of Qatari citizens. With the increase in employment opportunities across the country, the number of inhabitants has also progressed steadily. With the rise in the number of residents, the real-estate business has also grown enormously. The number of studio apartments, villas, 1 to 5 BHK apartments for rent in Qatar has developed over the years. There are many options for selecting a house according to the location, budget, and demographics. Renting has always been a viable option, especially for emigrants. While looking at homes for rent, distance from the workplace, schools, healthcare centres, airports, markets, affordability factors are the major points that come into account.

Do your research

Moving into a new home in a new country requires so much thinking and research. In a country like Qatar, finding a place for rent is considerably easy if you have decided what type of home you want. The cost of different kinds of property varies from every location in Qatar. Unfurnished homes are the least expensive ones compared to semi and fully furnished homes. Serviced

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Patio & Backyard

The sky is changing into the restrict on the subject of value of the furnishings -particularly when the furnishings is crafted out of wooden. Choosing correct hardware to your furniture will assist guarantee an extended life span, as well as enhance the overall appearance of your furniture. A part of the issue is knowing what hardware to pick out when there are such a lot of options accessible at the hardware store. The everyday Lowes or House Depot carries an enormous collection of stainless-steel, sizzling dipped galvanized, shiny galvanized, plain metal, coated steel and brass bolts, nuts, washers and screws. Each kind of fastener is suitable for certain applications, however not all are ideal for out of doors furniture functions.

Scour flea markets and garage sales for “rescued artwork” reminiscent of outdated doorways and windows, mantels, backyard gates, and home shutters. These things can be used as distinctive wall hangings, common into a folding divider screen, used as a one-of-a-form headboard, and even used to switch current doors so as to add character to your private home. In the event you favored these tips and want more, check out extra finances adorning ideas for these rooms: bedrooms, dwelling rooms, kitchens …

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How to Spend Less Time on Lawn Maintenance

As any yard care aficionado will tell you, lawn maintenance can eat up a fair amount of time. While most of us strive to keep our lawns as healthy and vibrant as possible, there are only so many hours in the day, and not every homeowner is keen on dedicating valuable leisure time to lawn maintenance. Fortunately, maintaining a healthy lawn doesn’t have to entail saying goodbye to your downtime. So, if tending to your lawn isn’t your preferred way to spend a day off, put these time-saving pointers to good use.   

Hire a Professional Lawn Care Company 

One of the best ways to save time on lawn maintenance is to take yourself out of the equation entirely. By outsourcing the maintenance of your yard to a professional lawn care company, you can ensure the continued health of your grass without lifting a finger. The right company will handle your mowing, watering, fertilization and aeration needs – among many other tasks. So, if you lack the inclination or free time to throw yourself into yard maintenance, handing the reins to a seasoned lawn care company can lift a tremendous weight off your shoulders. 

Before hiring a lawn care company,

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