How To Design A Multipurpose Living Room

A living room is usually the centre of all activity at home. The best way to design or re-do the room is to think of all the different ways you want to use the space. Then it becomes easy to decide the layout and plan the use of clever multifunctional furniture. You may be entertaining guests at weekends or occasionally. You may love some quiet time for reading or want to listen to music and exercise in the mornings. Here are some interesting multipurpose living room ideas to bail you out of these situations. These interior hacks will help

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Interior Design Trends in Lucknow

Lucknow was once the home of the erstwhile Nawabs of Oudh, and has a rich cultural history that is reputed for its gracious lifestyles, beautiful buildings and rich flavours of cuisine. A much-loved destination for architecture enthusiasts, the city is home to fine Gothic churches, Indo-Islamic building complexes and splendid political buildings.

Even today, citizens of Lucknow are deeply influenced by their traditions, taking pride in their heritage and the glorious history of their city. A walk through the older parts of the city offers glimpses of its intriguing past, with rich colonial buildings from the British era neck-to-neck with

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Gardens, Backyard Tips eleven

You may gossip over coffee desk, cuddle in a loveseat, clear up a crossword puzzle sinking in a recliner and even signal multi-million offers on an workplace desk. Tropical Backyard. You don’t want to dwell in a frost-free area to have a beautiful tropical garden. At Cedaridge Farm we have two – one is a tribute to the design philosophy of the late Roberto Burle Marx, who designed dramatic tropical gardens round Rio. It’s in a calmly shaded space and features crops which might be hardy (like ‘Sum & Substance’ hosta) but look tropical and tender vegetation which can be …

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Fresh Ways To Incorporate Mirrors In The Living Room

A mirror brings a good blend of form and function. While it looks good in a room, it also makes small spaces feel bigger and dark rooms seem lighter.

Mirrors are quite versatile as a décor accent fitting into any style of decorating – be it modern, vintage, shabby chic, or ethnic Indian. Pick simple or elaborate ones, large or small ones, and let your creativity flow in arranging them tastefully in your home. You can also use them to hide any imperfections on the wall.

Let’s look at some tips and fresh ideas to incorporate mirrors in your living

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How To Restore a Kitchen While Keeping the Original Cabinets

Remodeling a kitchen is something that most people plan every now and then. Not without reason, too; a kitchen is a unique room that deteriorates quite fast, and at the same time, it is the focal point of each house, with family members gathering to eat, talk, laugh, and spend time together. 

However, typically kitchen remodels are quite costly: they require changing the cabinets entirely, very often replacing the flooring, and many other significant changes. Unfortunately, not all of us have the money or an option to have such a massive makeover.

If you, too, don’t have an easy cabinet

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Dutch Windmill Plans

Small garden design concepts usually are not simple to seek out. Planting flowers may be an academic expertise for youngsters, supplied they’ve their own toys to make it simpler to do on their very own. Youngsters’s toy flower pots are helpful for this task. Mother and father might help youngsters switch the flowers and pack the grime into the pots. Women may enjoy this activity greater than boys. Select flower pots which might be have a satisfying design in keeping with your kid’s style. Your youngster is more likely to take nice care of the flowers that she vegetation, especially …

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Expensive Things You Don’t Need To Buy for Your Interiors

With so many big brands tempting you with luscious designs, it’s easy to get lured into paying a fat sum for something like a grandiose dining table or a display cabinet when you are setting up your home for the first time. Even if you’re earning a fat sum or adult money, you don’t necessarily have to buy expensive things for your home interiors.

You can do up your home in smart, creative ways, mixing up a few high-value, statement pieces that you covet, with other affordable ones. This, anyway, is the trick that designers use to create

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