15 Things That are Not Cleaned Often in Your Home

Most of our homes look neat and shiny with daily cleaning tasks happening like clockwork. Mopping floors, a daily round of dusting, vacuum cleaning the rugs, and laundering bedsheets and pillows may be part of your regular routine. But look closely enough, and you’d find ignored areas which have gathered dust over months and years. Let’s take a look at the things that may not be cleaned often enough in your home interiors.

Knobs of Doors and Shelves

These are used often, increasing the chances of gathering germs from multiple hands. But they are often overlooked in routine cleaning chores.

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Top 6 Considerations for Buying a Lawn Mower » Residence Style

Buying a lawn mower is a critical decision because it assists you in keeping your compound tidy and beautiful. This state makes a good statement about the kind of person you are—organized and clean. Also, a clean compound is a safety precaution since it keeps away dangerous animals. For instance, long grasses everywhere in the home make a good hiding place for snakes. Thus, buying the right mower keeps your family safe from these deadly reptiles. 

This guide shares the six leading factors you need to consider when buying a good mower. It shares insights that go beyond the initial

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How To Design A Multipurpose Living Room

A living room is usually the centre of all activity at home. The best way to design or re-do the room is to think of all the different ways you want to use the space. Then it becomes easy to decide the layout and plan the use of clever multifunctional furniture. You may be entertaining guests at weekends or occasionally. You may love some quiet time for reading or want to listen to music and exercise in the mornings. Here are some interesting multipurpose living room ideas to bail you out of these situations. These interior hacks will help

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Interior Design Trends in Lucknow

Lucknow was once the home of the erstwhile Nawabs of Oudh, and has a rich cultural history that is reputed for its gracious lifestyles, beautiful buildings and rich flavours of cuisine. A much-loved destination for architecture enthusiasts, the city is home to fine Gothic churches, Indo-Islamic building complexes and splendid political buildings.

Even today, citizens of Lucknow are deeply influenced by their traditions, taking pride in their heritage and the glorious history of their city. A walk through the older parts of the city offers glimpses of its intriguing past, with rich colonial buildings from the British era neck-to-neck with

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Gardens, Backyard Tips eleven

You may gossip over coffee desk, cuddle in a loveseat, clear up a crossword puzzle sinking in a recliner and even signal multi-million offers on an workplace desk. Tropical Backyard. You don’t want to dwell in a frost-free area to have a beautiful tropical garden. At Cedaridge Farm we have two – one is a tribute to the design philosophy of the late Roberto Burle Marx, who designed dramatic tropical gardens round Rio. It’s in a calmly shaded space and features crops which might be hardy (like ‘Sum & Substance’ hosta) but look tropical and tender vegetation which can be …

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