The Best Varieties Of Fish For Your Backyard Pond

Unquestionably, home furniture and furnishings signify the interior décor sense and the general character of the proprietor but the first impression comes from the exterior of the house. The kind of chandelier you choose can dictate the ambiance of the whole room. To create a gothic atmosphere, select a bulky vintage one produced from metals, reminiscent of wrought iron or brass. A dainty crystal chandelier won’t do the job. Additionally, take an excellent take a look at your living room and see whether the ceiling is high enough. This is to assure that nobody in your house could be liable …

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4 Most Popular Types of Kitchen Sinks

Kitchen sinks are an essential component of the kitchen work triangle. There are many types of sinks available and if you are in the market for one, you should do your research and figure out which would work best for you. Let’s start with four different types of sinks and then talk about different ways that sinks can be installed.

Single Bowl Kitchen Sinks

With no bells and whistles, a single bowl sink is a basic sink that would be ideal for someone who doesn’t use the kitchen a lot or has a smaller kitchen. It comes in a

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Kitchen Maintenance: Ways To Clean Less And Enjoy More

Did you know that the heart of your home, the kitchen, can be a hotspot for dust, grime and bacteria? This is particularly true for Indian kitchens since our cooking uses more oil and produce more pungent odours that may linger on everything from the kitchen tiles to the utensils. This means that you spend so much time cleaning instead of cooking! We are here to give you some tried and tested tips on cleaning your kitchen efficiently and quickly. Are you ready to begin enjoying your time in the kitchen?   

1. Begin The Day Right

Such a simple suggestion,
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Practical Uses of PVC Curtains

Curtains are considered one of the most essential fixtures of the home. They are not only decorative accents, but also give protection from dust, grime, sunlight and provide some privacy.  Some interior designers include custom curtains in their clients’ homes as they add softness and texture to the room. Millions of people around the globe use curtains and their significance are evident in the evolution of style and material.

We’re probably used to seeing curtains with soft fabric. Most of the materials used for this hanging piece are cotton, silk, linen, velvet, lace, and burlap. Recently, some offices and other

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7 Spaces in Your Home to Place Mirrors

Mirrors are a part of home decor for more than their practical use of seeing yourself. They reflect light and make a room look larger than it is. Traditionally, they are hung above the sink or vanity table, but you can be creative and experiment with different parts of the home to place your mirror and also find different types of mirrors to hang.

Different Spaces in Your Home to Hang Mirrors

Vanity Mirror in the Bathroom

Placing a mirror above the sink in the bathroom is the most popular choice for obvious reasons. A good size mirror with ample

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