DIY Chandelier Ideas

If you like to make your own creations when it comes to home decor then you don’t have to stop when it comes to lighting. You can make a chandelier on your own and make it full of colors or in just a single color ombre design. We have gathered some ideas for your inspo.

Make Garlands of Felt Pom Poms, Then Wrap Them Over a Metal Lampshade Frame and Add Lighting Hardware

DIy Chandelier Ideas


Make Cotton Yarn Tassels, Dye Them and Tie Them to Metal Rings to Create a Chandelier That You Can Use As It Is or Put It

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Proof Furniture

Choosing your private home decor could be fairly complicated at times. Furniture in houses at present is considered a illustration of the house owners’ identities. Every household wants a novel style of furniture, and so they don’t mind the fee. Persons are keen to go to any lengths to make their furnishings totally different from ‘the Joneses’. The age of looking at catalogs and ordering furnishings is gone. People immediately want furniture makers to conceptualize new styles for them. The more totally different the fashion from the norm, the extra chance it must be permitted. Colours, patterns, curves and even …

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