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Love TV shows about design? Can’t get enough of the different styles and furniture pieces in them? (In particular, the traditional looking ones). Do you love collecting antique furniture for your own home? Or just like to admire them when you come across it? If you are nodding yes to these, keep reading because we have the lowdown on traditional furniture – the history and the evolution. After all, other furniture designs have their roots in traditional furniture design. Let’s begin in the 16th century.

Jacobean Era Furniture Design

We can easily identify geometric and symmetrical design in Jacobean era

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Tips to Get Wall Decorated as You Want » Residence Style


Decorations are the spirit of festivities and great mood. People tend to decorate their homes, gardens, walls, and living spaces. In fact, some of the earliest forms of decorations were found in the caves during the cavemen. Walls represent the taste and sometimes the royalty of the residence. Here we focus on some tips to decorate your walls, the way you want.

If you looked at a wall and wondered how people go about making it happen, this article is for you. Because simply painting or buying some items and putting them on the walls is not enough. There

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Living Room Corner Ideas

Decorating corners can sometimes be tricky and so people avoid focusing on them because sometimes the decor gets too much. But there are always different ways not to go overboard yet fill a corner. It depends on the existing elements of the living room as well. Let’s say your living room has not much furniture, then you can easily tuck in a sofa chair in the corner. If you living room is already filled, then a plant or two won’t hurt. Here are some ideas to decorate empty living room corners.

Create an Accent with Wood Strips and Pendant Ceiling

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Creating A Herb Garden

Buying flower bulbs to plant and develop is an thrilling expertise that begins in the fall and continues by way of the spring. Aluminum chairs aren’t as massive of a problem for owners, until you live in a very windy a part of the country or are dodging a hurricane down on the Gulf. To keep these chairs in place, a cable or a rope will do. Make sure to attach it or tie it to something sturdy like a deck railing. When you reside in a crime ridden area, you will get a lock and cable and kill two …

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