Interior Design Jargon Buster! Part 2 

Only when you are in the process of getting your interiors done will you realize how many interior-related words you are unfamiliar with. Here are another set of jargons from the world of interiors that will help you to get on the same page as your interior designer.

1. Foyer

The foyer is the space that connects the entrance to other rooms in the house. Not all homes have a foyer. In many cases, the entrance door opens directly into the living room.

2. Mezzanine

A mezzanine is an intermediate floor between two main floors, which is in many cases low- ceilinged and overhanging the lower living space. Mezzanine spaces can be put to a multitude of uses, such as a charming little play area in a child’s bedroom.

Interior Design Jargon

3. Niche

A niche is a shallow nook in a wall that can be used to house some storage, or a decorative artefact or plant. Niches can be used to great advantage in an interior, and with the right lighting and background can be the highlight of the entire room.

Interior Design Jargon

4. Retro

A retro style is something that refers back to the past, dating back at least 20 years. The

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How to Hide Your HVAC Components With Interior Design

Picture: Yuki Tanabe

The market has come a long way regarding making sure HVAC units and their components are as sleek and stylish as possible. However, that doesn’t mean they are beautiful works of art that enhance the appeal of your home. If your HVAC system and its parts are detracting from the charm or contemporary elegance of your abode, you don’t have to put up with it. There are a multitude of different ways to hide them while still ensuring their functionality. 

Install Them In Wasted Space

If you’re about to install a new mini-split heat pump, you’re probably wondering where to place it. You want it to heat and cool your room efficiently, but you also don’t want it to be the star of the show. 

Make use of the wasted space in your home. Above a window in a small room, above a bookshelf in the living room, or even positioned above any large furniture that takes up a lot of space can be a suitable option. Remember to place any HVAC components where you can access the air filter to clean and replace it. 

Upgrade Your Air Vents

Standard air vents for HVAC systems are never

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Modern Rest room Design Decor Concepts

Canvas paintings give people tasteful choices for filling their empty walls and hallways. With all the things bolted again together tightly I’m virtually ready to start out the engine and see how the tiller works. Before I can try and run the engine I need to add the gasoline that I took out of the damaged engine and then examine the gas traces from the gas tank to the carburettor to make sure that the engine is getting gasoline. I may even remove the oil stage verify plug within the lower part of the engine block or crankcase and ensure that the engine oil level is sufficient. After I’m happy that the fuel and oil are high-quality I can provide the pull rope just a few pulls to turn the engine over and the engine ought to start.

Baskets, bins and storage cupboards are great places to retailer away each day clutter. Fashionable journal holders help clear off the tops of tables and counters. Place toiletries and wonder merchandise in decorative containers to simplify your morning routine and provides the bathroom a sublime appearance. Decide up after your self when changing clothes, inserting dirty objects within the laundry hamper. Hold …

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