How to Throw a Zoom New Year Party

Ready to bid 2020 goodbye? Since we still can’t meet in person to celebrate the end of year/beginning of the new year, zoom, the year’s go-to tool, is here yet again to save the day, safely. Your new year party may not look like any other year, but we are here to help you throw a party that’s infinitely more enjoyable than just another work call.

Dress It Up

It’s time to get out of those PJ’s and start the new year afresh in your most flattering outfit that you have saved for a special occasion. Even better, pick a theme! Having a dress code will help everyone connect and feel like they are actually attending a party. Either go for the classics (all black, disco theme etc.) or get creative by picking a very specific theme like characters of a television show for example. You could even present the best-dressed person with a small gift to make everyone do their best.  

Send Out Digital Invites

Once you have decided what the theme is going to be, it’s time to make an invite and send it out to your guests. Choose from one of the many free templates

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How To Separate Living Room And Dining Room Areas

Your home may have an open plan with a living cum dining room. While this looks spacious and contemporary, you may have to compromise on your privacy at times.

Want to know how to separate the living room and dining room areas, at the same time preserving the open plan nature of the home? Here are some elegant ways to make sure that you do this seamlessly. Let’s see what they are.

Furniture Arrangement to Separate the Living Room and Dining Room

Mount an entertainment unit on the wall opposite the dining area. Then arrange your living room sofa set so that the back of the three-seater or two armchairs faces the dining room. That visually signals the end of the living room.

Place the dining set centred behind the sofa. Create a partition between the two spaces to carve them out into distinct rooms (See plenty of room-divider ideas below).

Using Room Dividers to Separate the Living Room and Dining Room

Another smart way to split a large living room and create a dining room is by using dividers.

You can try any of the following types of dividers:

  • Display Shelf: Custom-make a tall open shelving and tastefully
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Beds, Couches, Desks, Tables, And Furnishings

For most individuals it does not take lengthy to understand by wanting round at their dwelling that improvements are required. The best way to get the look? Begin by reducing litter as Japandi fashion clearly showcases presence of open areas. This can be achieved by having built-ins which might be practical as well as multipurpose furnishings that not only save house however are smart and sleek. Incorporating pastel colors is one other method. Soft pastels are a perfect option to introduce color into an area with out that colour drawing an excessive amount of attention to itself. Pastels and refined contrasts aid in seamless visible communication of the house to the senses,” says Bhawana Bhatnagar, Inside Stylist, Founding father of Casa Exotique.

It is necessary to remember when growing your natural backyard to search for and find natural seeds. Conventionally grown plants are already loaded with chemical compounds and pesticides and in consequence so will their seeds. To find organically grown seeds and crops you wish to examine the labels and ensure they specifically say “natural” on them. Many nurseries, and garden facilities are starting to promote organic seeds and plants, you too can discover many good mail order firms …

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How Can I Decorate My Kitchen On A Budget?

If you want to give your tired kitchen a new look, don’t worry about shelling out big bucks! Decorating your kitchen can be done even on a shoestring budget with some ingenuity and proper planning. Here are some simple ways to decorate your kitchen on a budget.

1. Change just the cabinet doors.

Keeping the cabinet boxes intact, you can get new shutters in a new style or colour—and instantly transform your kitchen! New cabinets are pricey, but with this short-cut, you can get a new look at a much lower cost. In some places, you can even consider removing the shutters altogether to create open shelves where you can display interesting earthenware or mugs.

Pro Tip: Replacing existing shutters with frosted or clear glass-panelled ones will give your kitchen a lighter look.

2. Get a New Countertop

If you have modular cabinets, then replacing the countertop is an easy fix. There are some beautiful material options available like Corian, wood, marble, quartz, granite and more. Pick a colour that complements your cabinetry, wall and floor finishes.

Kitchen on Budget

Tip: Make sure that the material you choose can be wiped clean, or it will be very hard to maintain.

3. Add

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