How To Save Money On Heating

Everybody likes to save money on monthly bills. Fortunately, there are numerous ways you can keep your house warmer in the cold season to cut your heating costs. 

Regardless of what type of heating systems you’re using, whether it’s old or new, the following can make a difference to enjoy savings on your heating bill: 

  • Perform An Energy Audit  

If you have a decade-old heating system, don’t expect it to be as efficient as the new ones. Although you can still save some money from an old heating unit, nothing beats the new models that are designed to be more energy-efficient. So, to know how your heating system performs, make sure to conduct an energy audit. It’s also essential if you want to know the differences between a PTAC heat pump VS electric heat in terms of energy efficiency. 

If you think your system isn’t as efficient as before, you might want to consider an upgrade to save more on your heating costs. 

  • Turn Down Your Thermostat 

One of the best ways to save money on heating is by turning down your thermostat. You can save on heating if you turn down your thermostat by even a small amount for

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How To Incorporate A Breakfast Nook In Your Kitchen Design?

Breakfast nooks are fun, warm and inviting spaces where you can start your day over a pot of coffee and some croissants. Our top designers give you their best tips on how you can incorporate a charming breakfast nook in your kitchen design.

Consider the Space Available

Can you use a corner of the kitchen as a breakfast corner? Corners are generally underutilised. Adding a breakfast nook to your kitchen corner could be a great way to add functionality to an often neglected space.

An end of a countertop works well too, preferably the one closest to the entry point. If you have an open kitchen, the ideal spot for a breakfast nook is the counter space between the kitchen and dining areas.

If you have a larger kitchen then you can bring your breakfast table right into the middle of the space, like an island in the kitchen.

Decide the Counter Height

A breakfast counter that’s higher than the kitchen counter is more formal. If you choose to have one at the same height, it adds an informal touch and looks like an extension of the kitchen counter itself.


Here’s a collection of pretty breakfast counters to get you

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Let’s Talk about Trending Couch Designs

Are you making the rounds of furniture shops trying to zero in on the couches that are just perfect for your family? We know what a hard choice that can be, and we’re here to help to choose perfect couch designs for your home.

How to Choose Perfect Couch Design for your home?

when choosing couch designs for your living room, these are the things you should keep in mind:

  • Lifestyle: You need to find something that suits the way you live. What do you use the couch for? Is it a more formal piece of furniture, used just when guests visit? Or is it used for TV watching, family chitchats, even eating dinner in front of the TV? Should your couch double up as a makeshift bed when the need arises?
  • What is the material you are looking for? What should the finish and style of upholstery be? If you are into a sustainable lifestyle, think in terms of rubberwood, recycled wood, rattan or bamboo.
  • How often can you vacuum the couch, or opt to re-upholster? If you want highly durable sofas, leather or rexine are good choices, as fabric couches require a higher level of maintenance.
  • What styles
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How To Decorate Your House With A Nautical Theme

If you need your house décor themes to point out off your personal style and impress your whole guests, you will discover nice concepts for dwelling décor themes on-line. Some of my adorning ideas for our deck embody out of doors décor. To begin with, I chose the colors I needed to use. I selected reds, greens, cream, impartial taupe, and some small splashes of yellow. I used solid colors, stripes, and small prints. The colours are used in the patio furniture, within the umbrellas, in the out of doors cushions, and within the out of doors décor. And as I said, I even use outside vegetation and plant containers to echo my colour scheme. Residence Ornament involves several things akin to colours, furniture, material and several different accessories. For some people dwelling decor could involve a number of thousand dollars while it just takes some creativeness by some individuals to make magnificent adjustments.

Priming wicker furnishings just isn’t required, but it is going to help the general appearance of the finished piece by maximizing your painting efforts. Priming wicker furnishings earlier than painting it will help seal any exposed wood, cowl any painted surfaces which may be glossed and …

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