All You Need to Know about Distemper Paints and Emulsion Paints

Looking to get your home painted, but don’t know the first thing about choosing the right paint? You might have read a lot about the colour palette, shades on the colour wheel and décor themes, but you are probably lost when it comes to picking the right type of wall paint. In order to make an informed choice, you should know the pros and cons of each type of paint. We’re here to help!

Popular paint choices for interior walls

Emulsion and distemper are the two most popular paint choices for interior walls.

Distemper Paint

There are two types of distemper paints, oil-based and water-based (or dry) distemper. Water-based distemper is not as durable as the oil-based variety, and a lot less durable than emulsion. Distemper is cost-effective and often used for rental properties where a fresh coat of paint has to be done every year.

Emulsion Paint

Emulsion paint gives a silken smooth finish with excellent coverage and is the most popular choice for home interiors. However, it is more expensive than distemper.

Material Comparison: Features

Distemper  Emulsion
Odour Has a distinctive odour Has an odour, but less than that of distemper
Composition Basically composed of chalk, lime and

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Innovative Kitchen Storage Ideas For Indian Homes

The kitchen occupies a special place as the heart of every Indian home. As the place where meals are cooked and shared with love, this space plays a very important part of your family life. And without a doubt, for the home cook in you to be able to dish out flavoursome and tasty dishes, your kitchen must be designed just right!

When designing your kitchen, you must give careful consideration to planning the storage. Indian kitchens present unique challenges when it comes to storage, perhaps because our cooking techniques are very elaborate and the ingredients we use are so varied and complex! These simple kitchen storage ideas are very effective if you’re looking to organise your kitchen spaces in a better way.

1. Spice jars

Indian cuisine is nothing if not spicy. Spice canisters need to be readily accessible right next to the cook top, preferably in open shelves above the hob. Plan for at least half a dozen small bottles that are clearly labelled, so that you don’t need to search whilst in the middle of cooking. Sugar and salt can be in one-kilo containers, while tea and coffee can be in jars of the required size.


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Wardrobe Colour Combinations For Your Bedroom Décor- HomeLane Blog

Rather than opting for single colours on your wardrobes, why not take a look at some lovely colour combinations that can enhance the décor of your bedroom? We’ve rounded up some striking contrasts as well as low-key colour combinations that work well, so you can shortlist the ones that you like.

Cerulean Blue Against Smoky Grey

Cerulean blue conjures up images of frothy waves washing against a beach and is the perfect foil for a combination with smoky grey. Both colours work well in this wardrobe with sliding shutters, done up in a highly reflective glass finish.

Lemony Yellow And White

Soothing and low-key, this dual palette is refreshing and vibrant, all at the same time. Colours that you can opt for in the rest of the room include aqua, spring green, and other shades of yellow.

Straight wardrobe colour combination

Two-Tone  Wardrobe With Mirror

Just about any colour will go well in this design that incorporates a mirrored shutter alongside high-gloss laminates. Mirrors have the added advantage of opening up space and making it look visually larger than it is.

Dual tone wardrobe colour combination

Mauve And White Wardrobe

Evocative of decadence and feminity, mauve is a moody and romantic shade that goes well with creamy off-white.

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Confused between Vitrified Tiles and Marble Flooring?

When you walk into any room, your advancing steps are welcomed by the expanse of the floor in front of you. Floors are one of the first things that make an impact on you as you enter a room. If you don’t like anything in your room – from décor to the wall colour to the furniture – it’s quite easy to get it changed, but the same doesn’t apply to flooring. Changing your floor treatment is a challenging & time-taking process, hence choosing your flooring needs significant consideration and care. You might get confused about whether to go for a tiled floor or a marble floor and so we are here to ease your dilemma!

1. Properties

Tiles and marble are quite different in nature and bear characteristics that are unique to each other. Made from porcelain, clay or ceramic; tiles are man-made and manufactured with qualities that are fit for flooring. Vitrified tiles, being non-porous, do not absorb water or other liquids. This helps in making them stain resistant as well. Marble, on the other hand, is a natural stone that flaunts porous properties, hence being prone to absorption of water or other substances that might lead to

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Floor plans for beautiful homes

Just like we all need a starting point, to begin with, our houses need an initial sketch too. It helps the architect, the designer, and even the house owners to have an overview of how the house would look like. And that sketch is known as a floor plan. All beautiful homes begin with good planning. So, let’s get to know what floor plans are and why they are important.

What are the floor plans?

A floor plan can be defined as a two dimensional (2D) scaled diagram of a room or building with an aerial view. It works like a map highlighting the lengths, widths, sizes, and scales of how far apart the different components of a room will be.

A floor plan can have details like measurements, walls, doorways, windows, furniture, the number of rooms, appliances, fixtures like sink, furnaces, etc. That is dependent on the purpose of the floor plan. Some plans also come with details, including notes for construction and the methods that will be used, or symbols for electrical items as well.

Because floor plans are the guiding light for the architects and designers, they help them learn about the furniture layout, the wiring systems,

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25 DIY Dwelling Decor Ideas

Furnishing your outdoors? One factor that must be noted proper up front is, don’t ever use unprotected metal fasteners for out of doors furnishings, They’ll rust very quickly, and the metal will react with the tannic acid within the wooden inflicting streaks and staining. The tannic acid truly quickens the corrosion of the fasteners. Have you ever ever seen a wooden fence with black streaks working down the boards from the nails? This fence was installed with the fallacious kind of fasteners. The same factor will occur to your furniture. Even worse, as the fasteners rust, they may speed up the decay technique of the wooden around the rusted fasteners, ruining your furnishings and making it probably unsafe to use.

While Japandi consists of crucial components and key ideas from both Japanese and Scandinavian styles, this style is less casual than Scandinavian interiors but extra relaxed than Japanese interiors. The Scandinavian fashion focuses extra on a minimalistic strategy which includes consolation and functionality with spaces being light, open and airy. The color palette is minimal too and the interiors are delicate and uncluttered. The Japanese type of décor is rooted in custom and the décor ensures a stability and concord …

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