Interior Design Software and Tools 

Technology has made its presence felt in almost all the spheres of our life, and thus, the same is true with interior design. Home is considered as a first major investment in everyone’s life. People want to make it both special and comfortable.

Many home buyers these days prefer interior design tools for professional expertise. You can create a visual layout of a room with fixtures, an optimum room plan, and much more with this new age interior design tools. With the correct set of software for interior designing, things will be faster and cheaper. . Interior designing tools can bring professional finish and excellence to your work and home.

Let’s have a look at some of the best interior design software and their USPs :

Virtual Architect Ultimate Home Design

You can get started with this application by importing home photos or floor plans or choosing among one of the nine customisable floor plan templates.

Get to choose among the furniture, appliances, lighting, and watering requirements. Even 3D design of different elements like kitchen, bathrooms, decks, staircases is available. This is one of the best and highly rated interior design software which comes with a variety of colour

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Interior Design Inspired By Vogue

The continuous planting of crops in your garden makes your soil depleted and after a few planting season, you will discover an important decline in your harvest. Plant them in full solar in the vegetable garden in any case danger of frost has past, about the identical time you plant your tomatoes. Add a trowel of compost to the soil round every plant once you transplant your seedlings. My cat also loves searching and eating them. I really want they might stay though as I have an indoor herb and veggie backyard and love the symbiosis created. I delight in the enormous timber that shade my yard in New Hampshire. It does make planting a bit difficult until you be taught the right crops for a wooded space. Do not get discouraged. You simply need to find the suitable vegetation for the conditions you have got. Here are my recommendations after ten years of shade gardening.

I use outdoor crops in pots, too. Some are in the type of hanging baskets, some sit on tables, some are in wrought iron stands, and some sit on the deck ground. I use plants and vines with different shades of greens, and I …

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How Covid-19 Affects the Housing Market in College Towns

Much of the activity in college towns — like Athens, Georgia, pictured — centers on the university’s events. Since Covid-19 has pushed learning online, business has dried up in many college towns. (

The Covid-19 pandemic has led to major lifestyle changes, including how people learn, work and play. That could significantly impact the housing market in college towns, according to HomeLight real estate agents.

Sending students home, and shifting toward remote learning, has left so-called college towns — those with economies supported largely from student activity — reeling, according to HomeLight’s Q3 Top Agent Insights Report.

As a result, small businesses in college towns have suffered from what the New York Times has called “an existential challenge”

Earlier this fall, HomeLight asked 1,157 of its top real estate agents across the country to share their thoughts on the housing market in college towns.

Here are some of the findings:

The market has held its own. Despite local business activity dipping, 82% of agents in college towns say their local market hasn’t collapsed.
45% say home prices and buyer activity remain strong, whereas just 6% of agents say decreased local business demand and college funding cuts have hurt their

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How the 2020 Presidential Election Affects the Housing Market

Politics aside, the housing market in many areas has slowed down due to uncertainty about the economy.

Everyone has an opinion about the 2020 presidential election — including real estate agents. HomeLight asked 1,157 of their top agents how they thought the election would affect the housing market.

Here are some of the findings:

Real estate agents are optimistic about the housing market. 23% of agents say the housing market will stay strong regardless of who is elected, President Donald Trump or Vice President Joe Biden. 31% say election results will have no impact on the housing market.

• Agents believe one candidate is best for the housing market. 52% of agents say a second term for Trump in the 2020 presidential election would have been the best choice for housing; just 8% of agents say the housing market would benefit from a Biden presidency.

Some legislative issues affect real estate more than others. 27% of agents say access to affordable housing is the top concern; 25% say homeownership tax breaks and incentives; 9.8% say diversity, fair housing and racial equality in real estate; 9.7% say mortgage and foreclosure relief; and 6.7% say financial and

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