Interior 101: English Style Home

You must have heard people talking about their furniture, decor, style, architecture and other similar things. Have you ever heard of someone bragging about their “English Style Design” house? The first and the foremost thing to know about this style is that English style design highly emphasizes having a strong bond with nature and cosiness. The most elements of this style include thatched roof, wooden floor, and effusive garden around the house. This is exactly how it feels to live in the countryside.

Coming onto the decor; it depends on the occupant whether they prefer having formal or casual decor in their house. This is because Englishmen and women were more focused on function than flair. One thing that they always kept in mind was that the entire house was filled with different shades of colours and that they had traditional-style furniture. If you find all these elements in one place, that’s the house you are looking for. Obviously, you can create such an ambience and aesthetics of your home as well.

So, here are a few things that could help you in recognizing these houses.

Include wooden furniture only

There might be a few other material furniture, but the

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How to Make Your Home Smarter » Residence Style

Have you heard about smart homes? You don’t need to make everything smart, but having some smart hardware has its benefits. Here are four useful tips.

You’ve probably heard the term but what is it really? A smart home is a home where you can control your lights by the touch of a button, where you can change the temperature by voice, and where your devices communicate with each other.

The Internet of Things (IoT) has long been called the next big step in our digital world. In fact, it’s the merger between the physical and the digital. Smart homes are where IoT is most visible. Here are four ways to make your home smarter.

1. Smart lights

Voice controlled lighting used to be technology found in science fiction. Like a lot of other sci-fi tech, such lighting is now reality. With a light bulb like the Philips Hue, you can control the light with either your voice or an app. Look out for inbound “Let there be light” jokes, which are sure to overstay their welcome in no time.

The term “control” was used on purpose. It’s not just about turning the lights on and off. You can

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Balcony Shelf Ideas

Your balcony wall can become a decorative accent or a storage space depending upon your design preference with shelves of different kinds. You can either build shelves by yourself, or invest in some ready to install versions. Here are some ideas.

A Pallet Shelving Unit For Perching Small Flower Pots for Creating a Vertical Garden

balcony shelves

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A Shelving Unit That Doubles as a Fold Out Table That Can be Used for Dining or Work

balcony shelves


A Balcony Railing Shelf with a Tabletop and a Suspended Shelf for Mini Plant Pots

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Stacked Wood Crates That Make Perfect Upcycled Material Shelves for Plants and Outdoor Decorative Accessories


A Mid Century Modern Ladder Shelf


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More Import Restrictions Coming! Toys, Sports Items, Furnishings Products From China To Be Hit

The sky is turning into the limit on the subject of price of the furniture -especially when the furniture is crafted out of wood. To enhance your plant’s growth, I recommend including some good black topsoil and a very good plant potting soil. First until up your soil, then add about an inch 2 inches of excellent topsoil, and an inch of potting soil to cover the planting area, combine your soils along with a garden rake. Ensure that any massive clumps are broken down. Let me share a bit of ME with you. Cozy Consolation is my Type. I am drawn to all issues that create a comfy and cozy atmosphere in my dwelling. My desire is that my home is a place individuals love to visit and the place they feel welcomed and at residence. To create this kind of an atmosphere there are some messages I need my house to offer.

Why not save your previous piece or resurrect a poor wood nightstand leaning towards a rubbish can like a stray dog wanting a home? Another favorite place to discover untold treasures is a school dormitory at break time. There’s all manner of furnishings that coeds depart …

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How to Choose False Ceiling Lights

If you thought that the ceiling of your home is just about fans and some decorative lights, you need to rethink. There is so much scope for making your ceilings look visually appealing as the other elements of your home. Let us tell you how.

Every house comes with the conventional flat roof slab known as a ceiling. You can tweak it to uplift the style quotient of your home through false ceiling lights. These days, false ceiling lighting is becoming quite a craze among the homeowners, and you might want to hop on this trend!

Decoding False Ceiling

Also known as a secondary ceiling, a false ceiling is perched below the main ceiling with hanging poles or another kind of suspension support. You should incorporate false ceiling in your interiors for several reasons:

  • It gives an ultra-modern look to your home when fitted with ornamental lights.
  • It conceals electrical wiring, cables, ductwork or pipes; ugly beams; and blemishes or uneven surface of the basic ceiling.
  • It is useful for thermal insulation and optimization of air conditioning.
  • It gives the right height to the room if the base ceiling is too high.
  • It can reduce noise levels.
  • However, a false

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