How to make Cat-friendly Homes

A cat as a pet is very different from a pet dog. Cats are known to have asocial ancestors who are mostly found in the wild. Therefore, adjusting to an environment different from what they are usually supposed to age can be a daunting task for your little kitty. From the colour of paint you use for your walls to the home furniture, everything will require a wave of change to make it cat-friendly.

Having to change your home interior sounds like a lot of work, but we’re here with a list of things you could use as a cat-parent to help make you come comfortable and warm for your newest buddy!

Here are the top 7 ways to make a cat-friendly home:

Wooden Cabinet Shelves

While you make your home cat-friendly, you can also do an upgrade for your home sweet home by adding a few wood finish cabinets in your hall! Cats are active creatures, and to keep your cat healthy, he/she needs to be jumping around the house. Creating wooden slabs against a wall on different heights would help keep your cat active. It is important for you, as a parent, to understand how a cat lives,

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Delivery, Payment & Acceptance II

Shopping for flower bulbs to plant and develop is an exciting experience that begins in the fall and continues via the spring. There are numerous ways to include these things out and in of our dwelling. We can have candle holders in the house or on the patio for the scent’s of fall. Attempt placing flowering vegetation in pots or planters on the patio or the aspect of walkways for including color. You can also minimize the flowers and convey them in the house and display them in vases for including coloration and aroma to any room. Discovering different colour leaves and arranging them in a basket would look nice as a centerpiece on the dining room table. The best way to arrange the leaves would be by shade and size like you do for flowers. Another idea for the basket could be to use different types, sizes and colours of gourds organized within the basket with some leaves for accent. When you’ve got fir trees nearby you may be able to discover some pine cones to use in your ideas.

The very best place to start, no matter what your retaining wall blocks are product of, is with an …

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Interiors 101: Rustic Home Interiors

Did you know that rustic designs have a warm colour palette, organic theme, and natural light? With its versatile nature, rustic designs tend to soothe your mental stability. Modern interior designers and style lovers are a huge fan of rustic home interiors. From the bathroom to the living room, the presence of this amazing design will instantly grab the attention of your guests.  

Perhaps, you are looking for elegant ways in which you can bring the magical touch of nature in your home. With nature’s rustic vibes and HomeLane’s expertise, explore these five rustic home interior features that your home must-have!

Here are 5 must-have rustic home interior features you ought to bring to your home. Rustic home interiors use raw brick, stone, wood, etc. Old furniture, rough walls, and earthy tones amplify it while rustic decor completes the look.

Natural material

A man borrows from nature to survive, the rustic style says this eternal truth:


Trusty stonework, e.g., beams, pillars, fireplaces, and planters, enrich a rustic home. The organic touch added by natural elements helps maintain a soothing appearance while adding an interesting perspective to home aesthetics. 



Wood turns into walls, furniture, accessories, and anything

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