Sofa Designs That Blow Your Mind

Without a doubt, your sofa is the single most crucial piece of furniture in your living room. It’s where you read the newspaper with your morning cuppa, where family and friends sit down to chat, where granny does her knitting while your cat curls up for a nap, and perhaps where you watch the evening news on TV. So when you’re choosing your sofa, take your time and explore all the options available. We’ve put together an article that makes it easier for you.

Modern Talking Sofa

Simple, sleek and sophisticated, this comfortable wooden sofa uses large comfy cushions that you can sink deep into. Add throw cushions in a contrasting colour for extra back support. The tiny coffee table comes with matching legs. This sofa design gives your interior a modern look.

Loveseat: When Two is Company Enough!

This loveseat says it with hearts. Made of rough-hewn logs of wood, the backseat of this piece spells out your love. Place it anywhere in your home, and it can be a great conversation starter. Cosy and warm, this sofa is the perfect gift for your sweetheart on your anniversary.

Double seater sofa designs

Sleek and Stylish Sofa Design

Ergonomically contoured and with a

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10 Brilliant Tips to Brighten Up a Dark Kitchen

Got a kitchen that doesn’t get enough natural light and is too dark for comfort? Take inspiration from these brilliant ideas to make up for the lack of natural light in your kitchen.

You may not have the option of rebuilding your kitchen to let in more light – but you could try some of these super cool ideas to make it look brighter.

Glass or Metallic Backsplash

Pick glass tiles or metallic ones for your kitchen backsplash. These will reflect light and add a glow to your kitchen while looking stylish. Install a clear glass backsplash, or get a coloured backsplash done by painting the section of the wall and covering it with glass. Metal backsplashes come in stainless steel, copper, and brass. Go for a hammered metal one for a more artisanal appeal.

Use Metallic Accent Pieceshow to make kitchen brighter

Reflective surfaces are the best hacks to increase the feeling of brightness in any room. You could get appliances with a metallic finish – it could be a fridge, cooking range, a teapot, toaster, coffee maker or any other device that comes in steel or metallic finishes.

You could even go a step further and install good quality, stainless steel

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Tips To Spruce Up Your Home For Durga Puja- HomeLane Blog

It’s almost that time of the year – time to celebrate the victory of Goddess Durga over the evil demon Mahishasura. The sparkling nine days of Navratri is around the corner and all Indian homes must be getting ready for the festive season that starts during this time of the year. Interestingly, it is celebrated in different ways in different parts of India, with various ceremonies and symbolic elements used during the nine days – a Garbi (earthen pot with diyas used for evening aarti) in Gujarat, Golu/Kolu (a staircase decorated with dolls) in Tamil Nadu, flower stacks in Andhra Pradesh, the grand pandals in Kolkata and Assam, and so on.

How do you plan to welcome the goddess this year? Here are some easy, festive ideas to spruce up your home for Durga Puja.

Declutter And Spring Clean

Take this opportunity to declutter and deep clean the whole house. Use a professional cleaning service if you need to, or on your own tackle one room a day, to deep clean areas which you don’t normally cover on a daily basis. Move around furniture making sure that you get all the nooks and corners. You should also deep clean

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High-Gloss Modular Kitchen Designs – HomeLane Blog

Most people are fond of beautifying the home kitchen with so many latest decorative things as it is the part of the house where most of the time is spent, and it faces a huge footfall for the whole day. If you plan to upgrade your kitchen with the high gloss kitchen designs, then a few things must be kept in mind while choosing the design and material. 

You spend enough money on upgrading your kitchen, then it’s your responsibility to maintain it well so that it does not lose its shine and looks. Thus, picking out the perfect kitchen finish is an important decision, so it is easy maintaining your kitchen. In this article, I shall discuss how you can maintain your high gloss expensive kitchen easily.

What are high-gloss kitchen designs?

High gloss kitchen designs are trending these days. It is one of the contemporary styled kitchens that people like these days. It makes the kitchen look much attractive with its glossy finish, giving the surfaces a unique shine. These are ultra-high gloss kitchens with shiny cabinets doors that reflect light, thus making the kitchens look stylish, sleek, and trending.

Benefits of high gloss kitchen designs


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How To Estimate The Age Of Furnishings Utilizing Castor Wheels?

In the world of furnishings manufacturing, there are companies specializing in indoor furniture, outside furniture and between the two there’s a limited quantity of crossover. Rattan furnishings requires low upkeep. In contrast to other pure supplies that must be treated with oil and preservatives, Rattan lasts for a tremendous amount of time with out upkeep. Simply dust the items with a nice brush and they will look as good as new. In case of dust, wiping with a wet material does the trick. Planting or sowing this herb amongst shorter shrubs where its foliage can stick above them may complement these shrubs, and where it may possibly get some shade from the solar could also be very best for it reasonably than in a middle of other more delicate herbs or within the vegetable plot.

Scorching dipped galvanized fasteners are a high-quality choice for many outdoor furniture functions, including Adirondack Chairs, but will not be your best option to be used in woods, such as teak. At first. you may need to water the brand new crops until they get properly rooted. Generally the tree canopy is so thick that mild rains do not profit the vegetation under the trees. …

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