5 Hardscape Ideas to Make Your Backyard Beautiful

Covered paver patio
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Landscaping makes your home’s exterior more attractive, but it also requires a lot of maintenance. If you feel overwhelmed by the upkeep, you may be focusing too much attention on softscape and not enough on hardscape ideas.

Lush backyard with stone path and retaining wall filled with plants and bushes

The Elements of Landscaping

Front-yard landscaping adds curb appeal that makes a great first impression and adds resale value. Backyard landscaping makes a home feel functional and luxurious.

If you design your landscape with the care and time it deserves, it will be attractive and low-maintenance. That means you’ll need to bring both softscape and hardscape ideas to the drawing board! But first, here’s a quick vocabulary lesson. 

Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary defines hardscape as “structures (such as fountains, benches or gazebos) that are incorporated into a landscape.” Softscape, on the other hand, is “vegetation (such as shrubs and flowers) that is incorporated into a landscape.”

If you have too much hardscape, the exterior will be easier to maintain, but it will look cold, lifeless and uninviting. If you have too much softscape, it could be beautiful at first, but a pain to keep up.

The goal is to balance softscape and hardscape; you’ll want enough hardscape to make

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Kitchen Chimney – HomeLane Blog

We all love the sound and smell of a crackling tadka don’t we? Unfortunately, it also splatters oil droplets and lets out a lot of fumes in the kitchen. So does most of our regular cooking.

A kitchen chimney is an appliance that removes gas, flue and smoke produced by your stove, throwing it out into the atmosphere. It is usually placed vertically above the stove, to ensure the smooth flow of gases and fumes through them, and drawing in the air into the combustion, in a ‘chimney effect’.

Read on for a quick, comprehensive guide on kitchen chimneys and what to look for when you buy one for your kitchen.

Benefits of a Kitchen Chimney

Kitchen chimneys today, are modern and stylish and add an architectural element to space. However, their real function is keeping the cooking space free of noxious fumes, grime, and oil while making the space breathable. Unlike exhaust fans, windows and doors which do the same, chimneys do it much more quickly, effortlessly and smoothly.

Kitchen chimneys run on a motorized mechanism that pulls out fumes faster than regular ventilation while replacing it with cleaner air. Besides funnelling away the fumes, chimneys also keep

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DIY Interior Design Ideas for Home Quarantine

The COVID-19 pandemic might have kept us socially distanced and home-bound for several weeks. But, did you know that cleaning and rearranging your home could be a coping mechanism? You can use this opportunity to transform your home with some cool DIY interior design projects!

Take a look at all corners of your home, and you’ll find plenty of ideas – you could paint a table, hand-build a new wooden ledge, or convert an old fabric into a framed piece of art. Sometimes just making small changes in your home can inject more energy into your space.

Here are plenty of DIY interior projects to tackle while you’re locked down or home quarantined:

Rearrange Your Furniture

Switch pieces of furniture that have remained in the same corners for too long – this can give your spaces a new lease of life instantly. Move your sofa to a different direction in the living room. Group a few armchairs together to create a cosy conversation zone, instead of scattering them around the house. Think of all the ways your lifestyle has changed during your quarantine days – and re-arrange your furniture accordingly. For instance, you may need to move your guestroom furniture

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House Decor Accessories

Once we say dwelling décor we often consider design, colours and materials we use in houses to reinforce magnificence. We now have a patio set that we bought at Costco some years again for a very good price. Nevertheless, sitting out within the blistering Central Oregon solar hasn’t helped it retain its unique black shiny coloration. All the chairs and the desk had pale by this summer season to a nice gray finish. Fill the pot with broth, inventory or water till the entire elements are lined. Utilizing plain water is fine but it surely dilutes the flavor of the substances whereas inventory or broth provides to the general flavor of the dish. I make my very own vegetable stock from scraps but you can buy it in both liquid type or as a powder. I discover the powdered stuff a bit of too salty for me but it surely’s a personal choice and you should use whatever your palate enjoys probably the most.

This finances-pleasant choice is an effective way to update things around the home. Outdated kitchen and loo cabinetry is relatively straightforward to refinish. Bring them again to life with a swift sanding, paint and new hardware. …

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